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Saturday, February 28, 2009


WARNING: if you are getting tired of all the weather-related blogs, or of pictures of SNOW - be warned, this is one of them.

Woke up and it was -30C -you can be sure I got that fire going quickly. It was 60F up here which really isn't so bad. I like it cool at night (helps the flashes you know) but when I get up I like to be warm. Decided I would had into town today since I didn't make it yesterday because of the windy conditions and also we blew and shovelled SNOW for most of the day. I had to get some ingredients for some new recipes I found (the soup one was good!). We got our hair cuts today as well. You can only go so long without a trim. Just because we live in the bush doesn't mean we have to look like we do. Besides it cheered me up. I think I have cabin fever. I can't wait until spring. Tomorrow is the first day of March which means we have gone from early November til today - 4 months - without seeing the ground. It has all been covered in SNOW. Don't get me wrong I like the stuff but enough is enough. From the pictures I blogged today you can see just how deep it is. And after yesterdays strong winds, it is amazing the drifts!! The pictures at LimberLost show how deep they got. I hope you can get a feel for how deep they were. The steps at the front completely covered over. It was up to my shoulders!! And Houghie, a friend of Ute's, dug it out for her.
My friend the raccoon was back today - I didn't see him yesterday - it has been cold so maybe he was back in a semi-hibernation mode. I just happened to look out the window and saw him hanging from the bird feeder - just hanging there - I don't think he knew what to do one he was up there - he just kept looking around. When he finally fell/dropped off, he scrambled up the tree - I think he startled himself. I couldn't stop laughing. Free entertainment!!
Joanne and Mitch are off to Mexico tomorrow. My Mexican vacation is sitting downstairs in boxes ready to be installed - a toilet and flooring. But for sure next year, come hell or high SNOW, I will be somewhere warm and sunny and I'll be lying on the beach with my cocktail in hand, soaking up the sun with my sisters.
Tomorrow is the day I start my marathon training - I have been keeping up with the weights but have neglected my cardio. I need to start sometime and tomorrow is as good a time as any. Spring is just around the corner and I can't wait to get on the road. Life IS good.
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