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Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, I didn't make it to town today - instead we spent the better part of the day taking care of the SNOW that fell and blew last nite. I said that we were to get 10-15 cm but it turned out to be 20-30 cm of SNOW. And boy did the wind blow!! And it was cold. There had to be about 8 inches of SNOW this morning. I had to get out first thing to feed the flock - they were beginning to tap on the window to alert me to the fact that there was no food - it had all been covered by the SNOW. I got my boots on and went outside with my bathrobe on (and little else) and fed the little creatures. They were very appreciative.
Now to the toilet story. You know that I had ordered the dual flush toilet from the local hardware store in town and it was on back order - for 5 weeks!! I finally called on Monday and was told it wasn't in. I asked how much longer I would have to wait and I was told she would check on it but not today as they were busy and it was probably on some boat somewhere. I got off the phone and called the local hardware store 12 minutes down the road in Bruce Mines. They had one in stock!! I explained the situation and asked if he would sell it to me at the original sale price of $83.00 from back in January. He said YES!! I thanked him up and down and promised him all my business. He had it all boxed up and waiting for me when I got there. Now we have everything except the shower tiles for the new bathroom. Let the work begin!!!
Tomorrow dump day and I will be going into town.
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