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Sunday, February 8, 2009


On this website, there is a link where you can post a comment about what you have read or seen on my blog. I received a comment about my experience with the bird that hit the window. I guess you have to know me to understand that any action on my part other than what I did would not have been even considered. The bird was hurt and after a time I realized it would not recover. I kept him inside so that he would not freeze to death or be attacked by other birds or creatures. He died in a safe, warm place. I would do the same for any living thing. As, I hope, would you.
I fish and hunt birds. I don't hesitate to set the hook or pull the trigger. But I don't like to see any living thing in pain and I would and will do anything to help it.
That's just the way I am.

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eddie O said...

Janet...that is the good in all people,the sympathy for one of Gods hurt creatures, that kindness is what makes Unless it can be made into pepperonies...Eddie O