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Monday, February 9, 2009


I was supposed to go to town today but...the opportunity to go ice fishing on Dam Lake came up and I jumped at the chance - literally. Dam lake has splake (a cross between lake trout and speckled trout) and perch in it and it seems that people are always catching fish there. We made arrangements with Ron to go. I said that I would drive the truck over to Ron's in case I didn't want to spend the whole day there (if I get too cold or if I am not catching anything I wanted to be able to leave). Ron said I could take Mary's sled so I could leave anytime I wanted too. We all took off from his house across the lakes and thru the woods on nicely groomed trails. What a treat - it was sunny and not too cold - we were loaded down with all the equipment - Ron had a little trailer he pulled behind his sled - called an Otter I believe -which held the auger, tackle boxes, minnows, lawn chairs, beverages etc. It took about 20 minutes to get there - Ron drilled about 6 holes and we settled down to fish. My feet started getting cold about three hours later and I put those foot warmers in my boots and I was fine. It was cold on the hands because you had to keep the minnows on the hooks and you had to use your hands for that. I caught about 4 keeper splakes, Rejean was killing them - he caught lots but only kept 5 - also four perch - 2 good size ones. He kept catching little ones. It was funny watching him run from hole to hole everytime the rod moved. He was the entertainment for the day. Ron caught 2 and gave them to us - so he wouldn't have to clean them he said. There was action all day long which make the time fly - I ended up staying the whole day - I had a great time. I especially like riding the sled over the lakes and down the trails - it is an adventure. I have been spoiled for any future ice fishing trips.
We cleaned the fish once we got home - just like little brookies - I know how to do that. Rejean cleaned the perch with his electric fillet knife that Jack got him. They are a little more complicated but it is worth it when you finally get to eat them. Yum Yum.
Tomorrow I will be heading into town to do what I should have done today. Sorry for the delay.
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