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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sorry, I am trying to post just a few more pictures of the Day In The Life series but I am having problems so I thought, the h-ll with it, I'll just talk (or type). I can always send them tomorrow. Just a normal day - I did another batch of pine and we had company all afternoon. John and Linda and Ron came over an yakked for a bit. Linda brought me a Christmas Beagle!! It is a stuffed motorized beagle that, when you squeeze his paw, he signs and moves. I love him. He sounds like an old man signing but you should see him move. His ears fly up to the music. I have always wanted a beagle.
Then after they left and we cleaned up, Skip and his brother Al came over on their snow machines, had a few beers and left. That's the most company we've had in a long time. Rejean and John are going fishing on the big lake, Lake Huron up at Thessalon - hopefully they'll catch some perch or some walley. I said I'd feed them when they came back so Linda will make a cake and I'll make dinner - I have a great recipe for Beefaroni - with some nice sour dough bread, a good salad and cake for desert - a great Friday nite!
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