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Friday, February 13, 2009


For those of you out there who celebrate this day, go ahead and Celebrate. I feel that you should always tell people that you love them if you do. Sometimes it may be difficult but it is important that people know this. Life is short. So don't wait for special days when every day is special.
But enough mushy stuff...
Our little guest just doesn't seem to want to leave. I didn't see him this morning so I thought he must have wandered off. I went into my wood shed to get the pail for the ashes and took a look around and lo and behold - there he was all curled up in the BBQ cover on top of the wood. I was making a fair bit of noise and he didn't even look up. I thought maybe because the last few days have been a bit mild that he must have come out of hibernation (he has been moving very slooooowly) and now that it is colder he went back to sleep - but no...he was back feeding at the bird feeder again. The squirrel is thoroughly pissed. And the birds all avoid him. Roger and his brother Jim and Buddy, the hefty golden lab snowshoed over today and Buddy scared the raccoon up the tree. I would have paid good money to see the look on the raccoon's face when Buddy showed up. I wonder how fast he climbed the tree - up to now it is about as fast as a sloth. We are going to have to get a live-trap and relocate him. The guys were joking about how they are good to eat and you have to cut all the fat away - I told them over my dead body. But he has to go. We are going into the Sault next week so we will get a live trap big enough for him - I don't think it will be the only time we have to relocate an animal.
Tomorrow is the big ice fishing adventure on Axe Lake. There will be about 9 of us heading out. It is supposed to be nice and sunny with a -5C temp. Perfect. We got all our gear ready - there is a lot of preparation to this you know. We oiled up the sled, bought the minnows (when you ask for 1 dozen minnows, you get one dozen minnows - no more and no less. Keith is a good counter), worms, Gulp minnows, the tip-ups, scoop, auger etc. I got some 5 year old white cheddar from Little Rapids General Store (wooden floors and all) some venison pepperonis from last year's hunt and, of course, beverages. We will have the big fish fry with everyone on Monday here. You think it's fun catching them, wait until you eat them. Any excuse for another party. I'll record all the action for my next blog. Stay tuned...
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