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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Have you ever cheered out loud when you come across a great bargain? Well I had that experience yesterday at Home Depot - talk about a life changing event. We were in the Sault for the Rankin concert so we did a little shopping in the meantime. After the habitual visit to Canadian Tire we headed over to the Home Depot. We did a have list. As usual whenever I visit a Home Depot I meander over to the flooring to see my Tuscan Stone floor. Well, imagine my surprise when I read a little sign underneath that said "was originally $75/box has now been reduced to $49/box" I had to pinch myself. I really did look twice and couldn't believe my eyes. THAT kind of moment. Well I just about ran thru the store looking for Rejean. He did have to finish looking at something before he came over. He immediately took out a pen and paper and started calculating. I was looking for a store employee. We calculated we would need more boxes than what they had out front. I wanted to know that what we ordered would be on sale. The girl said they had 44 boxes in the store but only 32 out front. They looked but couldn't find the remaining 12 boxes. they had 12 in Sudbury so I paid for them and knew I would have to drive to Sudbury to pick up the deal of the century. No problem. We picked up the flooring this morning and when we arrived home the man from Home Depot said just after we left the truck delivered more of our flooring so I cancelled Sudbury, paid in the Sault so another trip to the Sault for me on Saturday to pick them up. But what a deal. And a long story. But I got my floor!! And they were going to discontinue the design. So if you want some nice flooring take a look at Home Depot - the sale is at every Home Depot. Tuscan Stone by Dupont - made in Spain. So it figured out at $2/sq ft in stead of $2.99/sq ft. Nice quality stuff.
But the snow when we came back!! Rejean blew snow all day. It was over 1ft in some places. But it was fluffy.
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