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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Actually I have to combine 12:15pm to about 2:15pm - I just worked around the place - fed the flock, cleaned downstairs, swept up some dirt, helped Rejean in the garage. It was to be a short day because we were going to the fish fry at the Legion in Thessalon - the last Friday of the month (but not during the summer). It is a well attended social function in the town - as you can guess, there are not a lot of young people there. The population of Thessalon is "older" (I refuse to say senior because I don't know the age cutoff to identify people as such). We went to pick up Joan and Linda at 4:45 and John was not home. He had gone to the Post with Skip on the snowmobiles. He did arrive home at about 4:55 - he still had 5 minutes to dress. Instead we all stood around and enjoyed a beer (we brought our own - travellers as we call them) We got going at about 5:15 and arrived at the Legion to find the parking lot full!! We headed downstairs to have a drink while we waited for our party to be seated upstairs. We finally got the call and got in line. It took about 20 minutes to get the food because the fish is freshly cooked as you wait - she comes out of the kitchen with a big cookie sheet filled with fish. You have, in the meantime, filled your paper plate (with plastic cutlery) with sweet pickles, a bun, butter, coleslaw and a baked potato with sour cream if you want. Then you wait for fish. She piles your plate full - that is why I hold my bun in my hand and my cutlery is in my back pocket of my jeans. Free hands to help carry my plate back to my seat. After your meal you get back up and get the desert - a plastic cut filled with vanilla ice cream with your choice of either strawberry or butterscotch syrup - it is delicious. After that we head downstairs to play a game of shuffleboard - you have to keep score with salt shakers because the machine is broken - has been since I started going there. Oh well, salt shakers keep just score just a well as a machine. We stopped off at Ron and Darlene's for a nightcap and made it home by about 10pm - a good up north day.

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