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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Funny how you feel that way. I guess each year just gets better and better. You hope that you have taken care of yourself that you can live a long time. There is so much stuff still to do.
Today (or yesterday, depending on when you will be reading this) was my birthday so I decided just to do what I felt like doing. Nothing special. No dinner at Ozzy's tonite and I am saving the panzaratti at the Pizza Place for another time. BBQ hamburger and Kraft dinner. And a beverage. Delicious.
I putzed all day long. We finished the doors for the cupboard in the workout room. They look great - all that is left to do is the floor now in that room. I even snuck in a little vase for the mantel. I took lots of pictures of the birds with my new camera. I must say that I like how it works - the closeups are pretty good if I do say so myself.
It was COLD today - my face hurt just walking down to get the mail. Tonite -25C + wind chill of even scarier digits.
I must say that I am just amazed at all the people who wished me happy birthday on Facebook - how do they do that? Do all my friends get a little pop-up that says "It's Janet's birthday today". Is that how you know. Let me in on it, please. I am terrible with dates!! But, thanks everyone.
I will continue A Day In The Life tomorrow.
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