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Monday, February 2, 2009


For those of you confused with the time line of my "day in the life" series I can't post the hourly pictures and narrations all in real time because I have dial up and because I don't have the time to sit and post all 12 hours worth of activity so I have chosen to just do a few hours a day - not necessarily on the day it happened. I guess that will keep you all in suspense of my fun filled daily activities.
A comment on the Super Bowl last nite - it was a great game and the 1/2 entertainment rocked big time but I didn't get all the commercials - up here it was all Canadian stuff like the Canadian Olympics and local ads. I did get to see a few like the Clydesdale Horse one which was good. Then on Canada AM this morning they showed a few. Like the talking babies - they were cute. I LOLd. It was a nail bitter down to the last few seconds as a Super Bowl should be. The best team won.
See Ya By

ps-actually the best thing about the SuperBowl was the performance by Journey before the game - they sang Don't Stop Believing - a favourite song of mine - but the lead singer was not the original band member - I think it was Steve Perry - they actually found this guy on UTube - his name is Arnel Pineda from the Filipines - he sounds amazingly like the original singer What a life changing experience for him. He can sure sing.

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