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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My Friend Chris is having a birthday today (Thursday, February 12). I hope you have a good day - at work!! I know Egon will have dinner made for you when you get home and probably a nice cocktail waiting as well. Plus a little something later on no doubt. Anyway, have a good one. I'll pick a nice picture of you from my archives.
I got to plow the snow that had fallen off the roof of the garage - it goes all over the road - to a depth of about 2 feet this time. I got the tractor out and, after some instruction from the master, I got to work. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to finish but it looked great after. I got a good load in the scoop and unloaded it over the side by the wood shed. I only hit one tree - just a little gouge - so I am happy with that. I didn't even have my helmet on.
It really melted out there today - I stepped outside this morning and it was beautiful out - the sun was shining and it wasn't even cold. Almost like spring. What does that old ground hog know anyway??
I helped Rejean do some plumbing - mostly holding pipes up while he did something to them. Measuring, cutting, soldering, wrapping - you name it, we did it. Tomorrow he does the plumbing for the new shower. Then get the pine on the walls, the floor done, install the toilet and sink and cabinets, the tiles for the shower and voila - a new bathroom.
But tomorrow I head into town weather permitting. We are expecting snow tonite - go figure.
I'll see if our toilet is in yet - after 5 weeks of waiting - it is on back order. I figure if they advertise it for sale they should be able to produce the item within a reasonable length of time. But that is just my opinion. I'm not complaining Stacey.
Family Day and Valentines Day all within the next few days - a perfect time to spend with your family and your valentine - enjoy.
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