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Friday, February 20, 2009


What is today? Oh yes, Friday. almost, but not quite. Today, after unloading 32 boxes of the flooring we got yesterday in the Sault at Home Depot, we decided to go out on the snowmobile. We got all dressed and were off. We had to travel along the road for a bit until we came to the old Axe Road turnoff. I got off while Rejean went over the big pile of snow along the highway. I am always afraid it will tip with me on when he goes over the mound. We travelled along until we came to the real Axe lake road, and we turned right to John and Linda's place. We stopped for a beverage and Skip came over. Kenney and Bob eventually made their way over as well. We decided to go for a little adventure. Linda doesn't come because she gets too cold. She stayed behind. Kenny had an ice fishing shack which we went to inspect. We all stood around for a while then got back on the machines and headed over to Tunnel Lake. We travelled along a trail where they were logging. Further along Kenny got stuck and we had to haul him out. Fun. We headed over to Skip's for a little rest. I got some good pictures of Kato, his African Grey parrot. After we rested up, we headed out over Cummings Lake to the Little Pickerel Lake road and came out at the gravel pit. John, Kenny and Bob headed home and we did the same. A good, fun day. I do enjoy snowmobiling. But I am quite content to be a passenger.
tomorrow I head to the Sault to pick up the rest of the flooring. By myself. A nice, quiet day to myself.
See ya By.

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