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Monday, February 16, 2009


The fish fry yesterday was a success - of course. It was so nice Rejean and I walked out to the middle of the lake and just stood in the sun - you could feel he heat on your back. The sky was blue, not a cloud in the sky. We just stood there as the people started to arrive - they made their way down to us and we all just stood around and had a drink on the lake. Linda is not too keen on walking on a frozen lake so when she got out to us we all started jumping up and down to scare her. She shot us all the look so we stopped. She was never in any danger. There was a lot of fish, the splake, perch, salad, fries, rice and for desert, vanilla ice cream with butterscotch or chocolate sauce or Chambord liquor. After we just sat around and laughed - people started getting a little rowdy. Everyone was gone by 9:30. After we had been in bed for about 15 minutes we got a call from Bob and Kenny, two friends on Axe lake who had just got in yesterday from Windsor - they continued the fun on the phone for about 5 minutes - needless to say they were also a bit tipsy. It was all fun.
Today Rejean went ice fishing and I went for a walk on the lake - nice. I didn't even have my ipod on. Just to enjoy the peace and silence was worth the cold. I got some good pictures.
The snow is coming tomorrow and Wednesday - figures. Just when we plan a trip to the Sault - oh well - I am still going.
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