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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ROAD TRIP!!! Tomorrow we head to the Sault to see the Rankin Family - it is a birthday present I have given to myself. We have seen them a couple of times in Windsor and we really enjoy them. We have a couple of their CDs and we have played the h-ll of out them. They are on a cross country tour and the Sault just happens to be one of their stops. I tried to get tickets on-line but it took so long I had to finally phone in my order. We have good seats so I am really excited. I made reservations at an area motel where they offer a senior's discount which is always welcome. We'll do some shopping as well as getting the oil changed on Rejean's truck. But, just to spoil everything, there is snow in the forecast - about 30 cm on the way. Oh well - we'll just take it slow.
Roger came over and Rejean and him made the little bracket at the back of the snowmobile to carry a tote. Those things don't come with luggage racks but this will work just fine to carry all the ice fishing equipment etc.
A slow day today - the fox came around this morning. We haven't seen him in ages. I had some left over fish to give him and he had a good feast. I also hadn't seen the raccoon since the day before yesterday but he was also around today. I guess they didn't see each other - my money would be on the raccoon in that fray - apparently they can be quite vicious in a confrontation. I always make a noise when I go into the wood shed now - just in case he is sleeping.
I'll have a report on the road trip on Thursday.
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