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Monday, July 27, 2009


Now that I have your attention, last night the beaver swam by as I was down by the dock. I slowly grabbed my camera and snuck over to Stacey and Andrew's where he was headed. I quietly went down the hill and started taking pictures. I got quite a few before he slapped his tail. But then he came right back - and I continued taking pictures. He was in the bay eating the Lilly pads or something in the water. He really doesn't seem to be that frightened by us - as long as we keep out distance he is ok. It is always a treat to see the local wildlife up close like this. I love it. And he is around quite a bit this year. We see him regularly. And he does keep an eye on the dam for us. Our lake is held back by the beaver dam - we would loose about 2 feet of water if it ever broke - but that happening is unlikely - there is stuff growing on it it is so old. Who knows what I'll see next.
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