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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's 24 feet long!! NICE BRIDGE BOYS!!! Rejean was out playing with his friends and built this in a day. He headed off this morning to meet the gang with all their 4 wheelers on trailers and chain saws all being pulled by their trucks - what a convoy. There was quite a few helpers for this one. Even 3 young men from Quebec up here working their summer away. What a way to work tho. I bet they had fun even tho they couldn't use the chainsaws - only the big boys got to use those - safety reasons - I asked Rejean how many he had cut down and he said quite a few. Those are all logs from the bush freshly trimmed and cut to size.
They worked all day and really accomplished something. Just to make it easier to get to great fishing spot....shhhh


Anonymous said...

Nice Bridge ! You forgot to tell where it is , and where does it go ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Footprint lake road

Anonymous said...

No it is not Footprint Lake road - no more hints. Like all good fisherpeople, I will keep all the good fishing spots secret.

Stacey said...

Nice work!