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Friday, July 3, 2009


A day spent cutting grass - it hasn't rained today which is a bit of a miracle since we have rain daily for the past 5 days. It is a system that has been circling us for over a week. Finally some decent weather. We cut the grass at Bill & Barb's (altho Bill has passed away we still refer to it as Bill and Barb's) and then cut the grass over at the other garage. It needed it badly. The bugs weren't too bad and we had beverages after. Rick and Joan are getting ready to leave tomorrow. We will have our cajun fish tonite for dinner - we haven't been able to because of the rain and you can't do that in the house - too much smoke. Then after we will head on over to the Post for ice cream cones - I like Moose Tracks myself and if they don't have that I like butterscotch ripple. Or chocolate, or vanilla - I like it all. But I only have a single. A nice desert for their last day here.
Tomorrow is dump day and I think I am heading to Iron Bridge for a quilt show. A bunch of ladies from Axe Lake are going and they have invited me so I will go and see what it is all about - I'll take some photos. Eventually I want to get quilts made for each of the bedrooms. Mine will be black with some vibrant colors. The other upstairs bedroom is the blue room and the one downstairs is brown. One day...
Hope everyone had a good Canada Day - I did.
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Stacey said...

R U gonna start quilting Martha? lol So don't see you doing that! :-)