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Friday, July 10, 2009


A nice day to get all your work done in the morning and then relax in the afternoon - the weather was co-operating. Jenn asked when would it be "blender drink time" and I said 5 minutes and it lasted all afternoon. We got into our bathing suits and just sat in the sun drinking margaritas - yum yum. Then we went on a boat cruise that evening. Steve wanted to take a couple of pictures and we also took a couple of rods. Jenn was fishing for a while but handed it over to Steve who caught a nice bass. We released it to catch again. Catch and release for the bass in Cheney Lake but if you catch a pickerel you can eat it.
Rejean also put together and spar varnished the new chair Joanne had sent us last year - just in time for her visit this month. It will be ready for you. We also put another coat of varnish on the existing chair. We now have 2.
Today I head on over to the Wharncliffe Hall to prepare food for the wedding tomorrow - Ashley and Luke get married in a "cowboy" themed wedding. I have my hat and my red checked blouse and a belt with a big buckle. I am ready. It's about as cowboy as I can get.
Rejean is flagging a new trail to a nearby lake with Ron W. It may rain so I think they will have to take their rain gear.
Jenn and Steve leave tomorrow - they worked on the new trail and made a detour to the point and will take the bench over there. I think they enjoyed their week - they always do. I don't think you can have a bad time up here.
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