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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


If you don't like snakes, don't read this blog. I watched these two garter snakes this morning by the side of the dock. We were going to use the water pump to wash the rocks - it just gets rid of the stuff that grows on the rocks and makes them clean and smooth - I spotted these two on the rocks sunning themselves. I figured they knew each other because one was letting the other slide right over him/her without a fuss. After a few minutes one slithered across to the bushes behind the bench and one was left. I knew snakes eat worms so I went and got some - I also fed Jacques his morning breakfast. He was in the bushes so I threw a worm close to where his head was. I threw a couple more in the bushes. When they stick their tongues out I think it is to "taste" the air for prey - maybe movement or heat or something. So I figured he would eventually find the worm. I kept checking back on him and later in the morning I managed to throw a worm very close to his face and he grabbed it. It was gone in a flash - I don't know how they swallow them or if they bite them but it was gone fast. Now I am even feeding snakes!!!! I don't think they will stick around for handouts. But they have always been around the place - you see them on the driveway sunning themselves and I always "scan" for them when I walk. They live here too.

I got my walk in this morning - it was actually a very beautiful day and they are predicting rain for the next 4 days - oh well - we are off to Sudbury tomorrow. Shopping at Costco - we are running low on stuff.

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Stacey said...

Hope Costco was fun!