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Monday, July 27, 2009


Andrew and his father, Dennis, are on a two week road trip and stopped by for the night. I got their cottage all ready for them - cold beer in the fridge - what else is there to do. Andrew is on his Harley - we got the "tour" - talk about tricked out (is that the word now?) he chromed everything but left a few little things for Christmas and birthday gifts for us to get him. He chose the "skull" emblem. Niiiiice. Dennis' bike, a Suzuki Intruder, isn't as tricked out as Andrew's, but it is nice - perfect for touring. He has an eagle head on his front bumper whose eye's light up - cool. They are going to do the Lake Superior tour - just taking their time. They stopped on St. Joseph's Island before they arrived - we haven't even been there. They stop every hour or so - they aren't in any hurry to be anywhere - as a vacation should be. Nice to be able to do that with your father. I am sure they are having a blast.

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