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Thursday, July 23, 2009


This picture was taken on one of beautiful sunny days earlier this week - we managed to get in 2 days like that - nice and sunny and hot - but now it is raining again and they predict another 5 straight days. Maybe that means that the weather will be nice for the Sister's Week. Yes Joanne and Susan and Mitch and Jack will be up here for a week. Joanne and Mitch fly in from Calgary next Thursday and Sue and Jack should be up on Friday or Saturday. Let the fun begin. I think we have a better time now with each other than when we were younger. Not that we didn't get along then (sometimes) but I think we appreciate each other more now. We savor our times together - at least I do. I love my sisters. And their husbands - just as much. Jack and Mitch have an on-going competition of who can catch the biggest, first, most, smallest, most jumps - you name it. I enjoy watching the two of them in the big brown boat - Jack driving and Mitch sitting on a lawn chair in the boat just relaxing and fishing. What usually happens is the guys go out fishing and the Sisters load up our 4 wheelers for a day of fishing, exploring, enjoying our beverages that Susan makes from scratch. We leave in the morning and don't come back until late afternoon. We just head out and eventually find our way back home. We have never been lost once - we always manage to come out to a place I recognize. If not, we can always wave my white t-shirt to the rescue helicopter. We have a lot of fun together and I am looking forward to it with great pleasure.
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