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Monday, July 13, 2009


You would think I would have learned my lesson over and over again but still I don't listen to my own advice. I was on my way over to Cheryle's to help fold and stuff envelopes for our annual donation request for the Wharncliffe Hall when lo and behold, what did I see? A bear. It was right around the corner from Grand Falls Camp. I was driving and saw this big black thing walking across the road in front of me. The first thing that goes thru your mind is that it is a big black dog but then your mind grasps that it is a bear. I slowed down and finally stopped in the middle of the road (I checked my rear view mirror to make sure I was not rear ended and I had lots of time to get out of the way if I needed to). The bear looked at me as it was walking and then stopped on the grassy part of the ditch. He then started walking across a driveway and you could see people at the top of the driveway looking down at the bear and holding their boxer back (good thing). I beeped my horn and he looked back at me and then just wandered into the bush towards the lake. Needless to say there are a lot of cottages on Cummings Lake in the direction he was going. When I got to Cheryle's, Phyllis was there and I told her about it because she has a cottage on Cummings and walks her dog regularly. She said that she had seen the bear as well yesterday. That bear will probably be shot or captured by the MNR for relocation. When you get a bear, especially that size (about a 3 year old) that is not that afraid of people and knows food is around that area, he won't last long. He is a danger to people and property.
But the point of this post is that I didn't have my camera with me!!! I did have enough time to get some real good photos. You can be sure that I will never leave home without it again (famous last words...)
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ps - the bear photo is courtesy of StevePPhotography (credit where credit is due)


Stacey said...

Poo Poo! Sucks to not have a camera when you need one. :-(

Lisa said...

My family and I were staying at Grand Falls at the same time this bear was visiting. Woke us up at 4 a.m. eating all of our garbage. Didn't put it out again, but the bear kept coming back. He was even on our Cabin Porch late afternoon one day. I believe Mike said they captured and released him somewhere. I did get some great pictures!