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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's not even August yet and look what I saw on the side of the highway - red leaves. Yes, they are starting already - you can see just a few trees with leaves that are taking on a red tinge. It usually happens in August.
We received our invitation tonite to some fireworks down the highway on Jobam. Should be fun if the weather holds out. Rain is predicted but only in the morning so keep your fingers crossed.
Joanne and Mitch are flying into the Sault tomorrow morning so I told them to get some sleep on the plane so they can stay awake until the show. They are on vacation so I don't see a problem. I'll for sure take my camera.
Sue and Jack arrive on Friday nite - I told her that we wouldn't have any fun until she gets here.
I'll try not to.
See Ya By

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