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Saturday, July 18, 2009


I worked at the Hall today from 10 am until 4:30pm getting ready for the next dinner tomorrow. It wasn't put in the Sentinel (weekly Thessalon paper) so we aren't expecting a big crowd - we cooked and prepared for 100 + a few. There were lots of volunteers out. Debbie came over on her 2 person 4wheeler with her companion Bo - her beautiful yellow lab - what a beautiful face he has. And he just sat at the door all day watching us. He couldn't come in because he didn't have a hair net on. I fed him a couple of treats I had in my car. Tammy also came and helped. I showed her a few tricks (imagine that - me teaching someone about cooking - weird) about deviled eggs. She has never made them before so I showed her what I do. I also used my new piping bag for the filing. It makes it look nice. Kim helped as well. Her husband Terry filled in a couple of holes in the back yard. It was a busy day at the Hall. Dave was in trying to fix the steam table and fixed the flag pole so we can finally fly a new Canadian flag, and we had Jack, Vickie's husband, go into town for some supplies for us. It is amazing what a bunch of ladies can do in an afternoon in the kitchen.

Rejean and Ron have offered to do the fish at the dinner tomorrow. We are cooking the fish outside over burners and that is the guy's specialty. Ron was sharpening his knives just for the occasion. I'll be sure to get some actions photos of that for Monday's blog (I'll be too tired tomorrow nite to blog)

It rained off and on all day -rain, then sun, then rain, then sun. It is supposed to get better next week. At least there is no fire bans. Those are bummers.

Well that's all for today - hope you enjoy the random picture of my grandfurbaby Sadie - what a sweetheart - I love you Sadie.

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Stacey said...

Sadie says "Hi Gramma Janet"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give her a treat for me please. Good girl Sadie
Gramma Janet