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Sunday, July 5, 2009


It was a perfect day for the Mississaugi. We got the 2 kayaks and the canoe out and headed out. We went right up to Rapid River and worked our way down. 5 hours later...with a horrible head wind we finished. What a blast!! My arms will be sore tomorrow - I will be no good at rolling dough for the pies with the ladies. The water was up and it was fast going at times - right off the bat there were rapids. But we made it. But we didn't do Pig Pen. Not right now. It was roaring and there really was no way to go down without some sort of practice. I had no helmet. But one day....
More pictures tomorrow of the trip - I took 95 pictures and Steve had his camera going and he said he got some good pictures of Jenn and I.
We saw a deer on shore and right where we were to pull in at (which came up really fast) there was a big bald eagle flying around so everyone was looking up and not where we should be pulling in. But everyone was saved. I have never seen a bald eagle up here so it was a real treat for me. You couldn't mistake his white head and white tail and he was big. What a beautiful sight!!
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