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Saturday, July 18, 2009


#18187 - that's my bib number for the Detroit Freepress 1/2 Marathon this October. I am in again - doing the 1/2 marathon competitive walker. And I am doing it with a newbie - my sister-in-law Anne. It will be her first 1/2 marathon. It is always a treat to be in the presence of someone who has never done one before. The excitement is palpable - just being in the same area as such a large number of people who can enter into and finish a race like that is amazing. You can feel the energy. I have done 4 fulls, 4 1/2s marathons and a 30 k road race and a few smaller races. And I have never won!!! But I still feel the thrill of crossing over that finish line and getting that medal put around your neck. And the free food - the best was at the Chicago Marathon and at the finish line you got a big paper cup of beer - I forget what brand - but boy was it good. I had the beer in one hand and a bunch of bagels and oranges in the other - I dropped a bagel and I couldn't bend down to get it. My legs just wouldn't do what I told them. so I abandon the wayward bagel and just stood there until my gang found me. Every marathon has it's story.
Anne, I look forward to our adventure together - let the training begin.....
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