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Friday, July 24, 2009


We hit Costco in Sudbury today - Rejean was getting cabin fever from being sick for the past few days - he does have his voice back but is still plugged up and sneezing a lot. We headed out anyway this morning - we keyed in the co-ordinates on his new GPS that he got from Stacey and Jodie, and off we went. It took us into Sudbury a different way than we expected but got us there in the time specified. We stocked up on a lot of things we were running low on - they always try to sell us the Executive Membership because we spend so much but I always refuse even tho it probably would be worth our while in the long run. It all fit in the car. We did have to take everything out of the car from Costco to fit what we bought at Home Depot. There was our paper towels, toilet paper, mustard, vitamins, corn, peas etc all over the parking lot while we squooze the storage box in. I guess we should have hit Home Depot first but we didn't. Then we plotted in "home" and we were off again, guided by our GPS - you can't get lost with that thing - when we got off the chosen course, it recalculated.
Tomorrow I put everything away. It is supposed to rain for the next 5 days so I have to find stuff to do in the house or garage. I'll be on the treadmill for sure. It is the first weekend in two weeks that I have off - read no work at the hall. The next function is the pig roast which is always a great time. August 9th to be exact. RSVP.
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