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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have a grand total of 510 postings since I first started this blog. That's a lot of blogging - that's a lot of my life on this blog. On this Blogger site, they pick a blog of the day - it's called Blogs Of Note. I always check and see what other people are blogging, and if it is in English, I read them. Some are hilarious and others - well you wonder what they are trying to convey, Stacey has one called Ultraprincess - her Journey To An Ultra marathon and Beyond. I am a follower of hers. Also to a couple of others. One is an astronomer who will answer any question you have on astronomy. Another one is Waiter, Where Is My Martini - about a school teacher and all the funny things her kids say and draw. Plus her adventures in her life. Very Funny!!! It is easy to start your own blog. On this site is a link where you can go to create your own blog. It gets addicting after a while. And anything you blog is interesting to some other people. It is a way to keep in touch with others. And it only takes a couple of minutes a day - if you have high speed. If you have dial-up like me you have to devote about 1/2 hour or so. But I have the time so I don't care.
Today I went into town to pick up my stuff from the Creative Basket - that is where Sears delivers to and also Purolator (they sometimes drive all the way up to the Post). As soon as I got home I got them out of the boxes. They are perfect - just what I envisioned them to be. The light is nice and big - sturdy - and the light will be bright enough for reading - the base is very shiny. The Toilet Valet is just perfect. Some assembly required but I got 'her done. I placed it beside the toilet upstairs to check the height and it is perfect. The base on it is very heavy to keep it in place. There is only room for two or three magazines - perfect - the magazine rack in the bathroom upstairs gets overloaded - until I step in and create some sort of order. And to round off the purchases, the soap dispenser will do just fine. A white ceramic base with polished nickel pump.
Plain Jane called today to invite us to a birthday party for Ron W. on Thursday. Another party!! People up here are very close. I guess because we are so few and far between that when you find friends who you get along with, you try and get together for just about any occasion. There aren't a lot of us locals up here during the winter. The population certainly swells during tourist season. The party is pot luck, as is every gathering up here. I'll be making Beef-a-roni, a recipe I have made before and it is suprisingly delicious. Ground beef, penne, cheeses, a sauce. Let me tell you, it is good. I surprise myself sometimes - I can cook!!!
Rejean finally fixed the outside doors - if you have been up here, you know how the one door sticks and is very hard to open. So hard I was almost afraid I wouldn't be able to get out in an emergency. I have to use two hands to open it. No injuries today.
I will try and get another picture from the archives. No more SNOW pictures - I promise.
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Anonymous said...

how do you find other blogs you would like to read? i follow my niece's daily blog and she has a link to some other blogs and one has over 1000 hits a day!!i noticed you had a hit from someone in the states when you were looking for doubleflush toilets?how did they findyou???someone explain this to me please-sistersue