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Saturday, March 7, 2009


The big birthday party (it wasn't that big) was last nite. We pulled into the driveway at about 5:25 (we were told to be there at 5:30). There was Ron looking out the big picture window - wasn't this supposed to be a surprise party? Oh well, we got the stuff out of the car and went inside. Joy and Arnold were already there so the cat was out of the proverbial bag. We wished Ron happy birthday. Joy went to get her stuff out of her car (they had just dropped by for a coffee to explain why they were there). She walked in with balloons and her pot luck stuff (delicious coleslaw!!) Darleen then went to change and get some appetizers out. Plain Jane and Les pulled in a few minutes later. I asked Plain Jane what happened and she said it was only going to be a surprise party on Thursday (remember the party was postponed three times). We got right into the party mode. The food was great - I had made my Beefaroni, Plain Jane made ribs and rice, and Darleen made the appetizers. Yum Yum. After dinner the birthday pies were brought out, complements of Plain Jane. Raisin pie and Apple pie with ice cream. I gave him a couple of scratch tickets and a Super 7 ticket for last night (14million$$) I had been looking at that million $ scratch ticket - I had a good feeling. Ron said that if he won he would share it with me (I have witnesses) - but I haven't heard from him today so I guess he didn't win. (I'll check just in case he tries to get away). We left at about 10:30 - late for us. Rejean claims he gave me the look a few times but I didn't see it. He was ready to go about 1/2 hour before we did.
All in all it was a good nite spent with friends - we laughed and told stories and heard all about their trip to Florida etc.
Today we did a bit of work - it was dump day. We are just going to take it easy this afternoon. The big thaw is going on right now. If the sun was out it would be warm!! Spring can' be too far behind.
See Ya By
Hi Linda and John!!!

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