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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I must admit for a moment there this morning I had to look at the clock to see what day it was. But just for a moment. Usually I am quite good at knowing what day it is and pretty good with the dates too. Must have been a "senior's moment".
Rejean was in the garage today working on the doors. He made the face frames yesterday and he also made the tops of the shorter cabinets. Oak.
Some our own boards and some veneer like on the sides of the cabinets. He stained the panel for the doors also. Looks good. Tomorrow I'll be varathaning them. The finishing touch.
I am feeling well for those of you keeping track. I did my weights tonite and it felt good. When you interrupt your exercise routine it can really make you feel like a slug. It's good to be back at it!
Tomorrow night we are attending the fish fry at the Legion in Thessalon. Yum Yum that fish is good. And I don't have to do dishes either. A great night out!!
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