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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It is Tuesday and I think my cold is on the downswing. Or I am taking good or the other. I feel normal again. It really takes a lot out of you - I very rarely get sick anymore - it has been a couple of years now and I always used to be sick - especially around Christmas. This time it started with a sore throat and steadily went downhill from there. But I do have to give credit to BUCKLEYS. I am a BUCKLEY GIRL. I have grown to like the taste. It sure works tho. They say whatever doesn't kill you will make you strong. Well....
We went to the Sault today and picked up our tile. Finally. We picked up everything we will need for this job. Rejean bought a $40 diamond drill bit for the tile - now I ask you, will we really need a $40 diamond drill bit? I'll let you know. We are soooooo prepared. I was reading a book in Home Depot how to lay tile and grout it. I am ready. This evening I took some sheets of the flooring and layed it in the shower area. I like it!! It is exactly what I wanted. My Grandmas Stewart's bathroom floor in her old house was like this (a bit different but close) and I remember sitting on the toilet and staring down at that floor. It is going to bring back a lot of good memories. I took a picture but I was having trouble with the Picassa so keep you fingers crossed.
Rejean will finish up the cabinets - the one the sink goes on and the two for each side. We have the sink and counter already - it is black granite with a built in white basin. There's that black and white theme again. He's staining them that black ebony finish then I'll do my varathaning thing. We should be tiling by this weekend.
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