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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I know I will eventually be well but it sucks to be sick. We have freezing rain going on right now - it is miserable out there - just like me. My only entertainment are my new friends the crows. I have two hanging around so, as usual, they are being fed. I cleaned out the freezer on Monday and found a few things I could feed them like some fish that developed freezer burn and some chicken boobs that were 2 years old (blah blah blah). They are very cautious birds. I had been giving them the chicken hot dogs broken into smaller pieces (they were used to that shape of food). Then last night we had chicken wings and I threw out the tips of the wings for them. I don't know whether the swinging bird feeder in the wind bothered them but they never did get any of the wings. They would land on top of the tree, then swing down to a lower branch, then hop onto the top of the snow bank then hop down towards the wings. They would eye the food, hop a little closer then fly away. This went on for about a hour. Finally I gave up watching. The pieces were gone this morning, I don't know who got them. Then this morning I threw out the hot dog pieces and some of the fish cut up. The one crow only picked up the hot dog pieces and the other one took away some of the fish. But it took him quite a while to even approach it. Then when he did grab a piece, he quickly jumped back. I had seen a tv program on them and this is what they do when they don't know if the piece of food it still alive or not. Oh well, they are very entertaining.
Rejean is working on the doors for the cabinets today. I am cleaning up and putting all the purchases from yesterday away, including my 80 packs of Koolaid. Koolaid is 49 cents a pack at ValueMart but only 20 cents at Walmart in the States. If someone can tell me why such a big difference - it is only about 1 teaspoon of powder. We drink Koolaid in the evening so we go thru a lot. And yesterday when we were finished shopping and head to check out a checkout girl called us over as she wasn't busy - it was the 12 items or less line. We started unloading and she came to the Koolaid (I steal the display cases and put the packages in there) I said I have 20 of each flavour so 80 in all. She said she has to scan each package - they can't do a 80@20cents - so there she is scanning each one when the line starts to form behind us. She finally takes one package and scans it 70 times (after she had scanned 10 individually) how embarrassing. We finally got everything bagged and headed out - I bet she was happy to see us go. We didn't have to pay any duty on our $210 worth of goods.
Just another day in paradise...
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Stacey said...

Hope you're feeling better now!