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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I like to browse other blogs and I found one that has a link to a site where you can create your own art work like Jackson Pollock - he was the artist that sprayed, dropped and threw paint all over a canvas. You can actually create a "picture" on the computer. Just go to and then click on the "enter Jackson - don't click on the other video thing. You then come to a blank screen but if you move your mouse or use your finger if you have one like mine, you can create a work of art. If you use the space bar it will erase your masterpiece and then you are free to create another one. The colors change if you tap the mouse (I think). FUN!!
I tried to blog my piece of art but I couldn't but take my word for it, it was quite the creation.
It's not that I don't have anything else to do but when entertainment presents itself, I take advantage.
We didn't receive a call about out tile today so maybe tomorrow - then we'll go to the Sault on Saturday. I was checking out the sales at J C Penney because there is a store just over the bridge in the Walmart Plaza. Wow are the prices every low. I saw lots of stuff I need (want). We'll see what I end up with. I shop funny - I'll see something I like, pick it up and carry it around for a while then put it back. I am cheap ok. I really don't need anything - I have enough clothes to last me years. I still have to go thru my old work clothes and donate them. I will never wear those clothes again. I can donate them. Even Thessalon has donation bins. It's funny but you wear the same things over and over up here. Especially during the winter. They are washed regularly but you wear the same things all the time. A turtle neck, sweat shirt (from Spencer Hall), jeans, thick sox and if I go out, my running tights under my jeans. Then my old coat (has to be 25 years old but a good work coat) my Bud Lite toque, and my work gloves. Depending on how cold it is outside, my green rubber boots or my big warm boots that make you feel like you weight 300 pounds they are so heavy. You walk slow in those.
In the summer it is pretty much the same, a t-shirt and shorts and sandals or runners. Depends on what you are doing that day. No fashion police up here.
I have a sore throat right now. We visited Roger the other day on Axe Lake and they had their grandkids up for the spring break so I probably picked up a bug from them. GERMS!!! UGH.
See ya By

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