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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is Robin and her dog Chloe - she is just a puppy - about 8 months old. She broke her leg the other day. Robin thinks she was playing in the wood pile and maybe slipped and broke her leg. Robin's neighbour Jack put a splint on it and they took her to the vet in Desberats. Ex rays revealed that it was broken - it was put in a cast of gauze but Robin made the black "bag" cast so Chloe could go outside and not get it wet. She looks funny in it. she also has to wear a collar at night so that she doesn't chew on it. I picked up a couple of big rawhide bones at the Little Rapids General Store (just picture a century's old general store and that is what it looks like - I'll get a picture the next time I go) and Chloe just chews on them.
We caught two mice in the garage and Rejean just threw them in the snow. 1/2 hour later they were gone!!! I think the ravens got them because we haven't seen the fox around for the longest time (feeding over at Axe Lake) and I did see 2 ravens hanging around so "LUNCH".
Nice day today but for the wind. We were all set to relax in the sun and the wind picked up - chilly. So that was over fast. But we have had a good thaw. Today you could barely walk up and down the road. I had to dig my fingers into a snow bank to keep from sliding down the road. We just sprinkled trap rock on it. Works great and the road needs it anyway so we killed two birds with one stone so to speak.
Walked the other way today and I found a wrench by the side of the road. A treasure!! Rejean said it was too rusty buy he decided to keep it. It's a disease you know. Oprah had on a man who wrote a book on clutter and it was the topic to today's show. Rejean and I will have a talk.
But you know, he does seem to use everything he keeps. the weights in my old curtain panels in St Clair Beach came in handy when he made the basket for the snow machine - they made good sturdy hinges.
I must also wish Sadie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY - her 9th birthday was on March 3 - someone forgot but now we know. Her sister, Sach's birthday was yesterday - 18 on the 18.
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Stacey said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! (Sadie's b-day is actually on the 1st)

Hope all is well! Still can't believe all the snow you guys have! You must be so sick of it by now!

Take care,