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Monday, March 2, 2009


I made buttermilk fried chicken today - I bought a whole chicken and cut it up into 10 pieces, marinated it in buttermilk overnite then fried it up in the pan as the song goes. Note bad - the next time I will add more spices to the flour but you learn as you go. When I was in Florida last November with Chris, I got addicted to the cooking channel. I have a few faves - like Top Chef, Chef at Home, Guy's Big Bite, Unwrapped etc. I must say that I have picked up a lot of pointers - I am not afraid top try new stuff like I was before. Me, with no cooking ability to speak of, was turning out semi-good stuff. I like it. And Valu-Mart is getting a few good things in like Campbell's Cooking Sauces. I had accumulated a few recipes out of books that called for it. I thought I would have to get them in the Sault but someone must have spoken to the boss. Maybe I should ask for my Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice that they don't carry. It doesn't hurt to ask. I am responsible for them carrying the Turkey-In-A-Box now. I had them ordered before- they could only order a minimum of 4 so I ended up buying 3 and someone else bought the other one. But they went fast.
I'll be heading into town tomorrow :0) I ordered some stuff on line and it is in - amazingly fast I might add. It's from Home Depot - FREE SHIPPING!! When you have to spend big bucks driving to the Sault for stuff, it pays to shop on-line up here. It was a light fixture for the new bathroom - a white frosted glass shade on a polished nickel base for over the toilet for reading, a Toilet Valet (toilet tissue dispenser and organizer (room for 3 spare rolls) with a magazine rack built-in, a heavy duty base for support and stability in the chrome plated steel to match all the other fixtures) and a lotion dispenser in the white frosted glass to match - do I sound a bit OCDC with my matching stuff? Oh well - it will be nice.
See Ya By

I am posting pictures from the past years - I think you are getting tired of SNOW pictures as I am - this is a picture of Disney, my sister Susan's dog. She had puppies and Sue kept one puppy and called her Poop. They are Bijon Frises. Isn't she cute?

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