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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another work day - we are in the process of putting the sub floor down - Rejean's version of it anyway. They sell the already made up ones at Home Depot for about $7.00 each. Rejean devised his own. First, we lay a 6ml vapour barrier down over the cement floor, securing it with some sort of putty on the edges (black and sticky - ugh) then he secures 2x4s along the perimeter of the room with screws thru the 2x4 and the existing wall. Then we lay Styrofoam 1 1/2 thick that gives an R value of 7.5 - much better than the store ones. Then, beside the Styrofoam, another 2x4, then another Styrofoam, and so one. Then a sheet of 5/8 plywood over top. Then the actual laminate floor is laid on top. No cold feet in this room. Tomorrow we lay the plywood. The actual floor won't go down until the bathroom is done - no sense putting it down just to get scratched with construction still going on.
I helped during the above process, applying the Tuck Tape, laying the vapour barrier, but mostly standing on the 2x4s to keep them down while Rejean screwed them in. I don't mind being used as ballast.
The party for Ron is tomorrow. It was supposed to be Thursday nite, then got changed to Tuesday, then finally Friday. We had no other plans. It will be fun - we need to get out and party - you sometimes find yourself just working and taking no time to relax - it's nice to get dressed up and get out. My jeans are clean.
It was pouring rain here a little while ago. It has stopped but it is very mild. this morning the sun was out and it was actually mild. then the wind picked up and it got cloudy and cold. At least I had a taste of things to come. Next Monday and Tuesday it is supposed to be sunny and +2 Sounds like suntanning time to me.
I am feeling better - I think I had a bit of cabin fever and maybe just watched too much news of the world but hey - you have to do what you have to do for yourself. All is well. Life IS good.
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Anonymous said...

Wow +2 sounds good, you should come down and visit Windsor; tomorrow we are expecting +16 and Sunshine. Almost like in Florida!! We miss you down here, I havent seen you in 4 months!
You should run away for a few days and come visit the big City.