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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Weird weather (i before e except after c doesn't work for weird) The wind is just howling - we are supposed to have up to 90k/hr winds and I think we have achieved that (that worked). The depris is everywhere. We aren't getting the 35-40 sm of snow that Wawa is supposed to get - thank goodness.

But enough about the weather. This is the second day with high speed. I must say that when I was posting my picture yesterday, it posted so fast I was startled. It is just amazing. Now I just have to find out how many mg are in a gig or whatever I am being measured on. I will google it after I am done here. But I am pleased. I will have to let people know up here that this is available. I did call Bell last week asking about high speed and she said I wasn't in the right area - that the nearest tower was over 100 km away - obviously she didn't know what Bell has to offer. Oh well, I have it now. I am happy.

I am always talking about the Post - it is actually The Tunnel Lake Trading Post and this is a picture of it. It is an LCBO outlet where we get a lot of our beverages - it has about everything you need in groceries - even cupcake papers. It carries fishing equipment, hunting supplies and clothes, great souvenirs, T shirts, hats, fireworks, worms, minnows (as I blogged before, when you ask for a dozen minnows, you get 12 minnows - no bakers dozen or a couple of extra - 12 minnows - Keith counts them out), leeches etc. It is better than driving the 42 km into Thessalon. And he has the best ice cream cones around - delicious. I have to give credit to his mother, Pat, who is no longer with us - she scooped the best cones in the world - she is missed.
I also got a picture of Keith, the proprietor of the Post (I asked him to smile but I think I took the picture before he did. He always has something nice to say, or a joke. He has a great laugh and if he doesn't know who you are he calls you Bud. I always enjoy a trip to the Post.
Tonite I have my first meeting of the Wharncliffe Citizens Committee. We may get in to see the new hall that they have been working on all winter. Let the dinners begin.
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