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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Guess what we got today? HIGH SPEED!!!!! Plain Jane told us about something offered by Bell - if you have good cell phone reception, you can get high speed. We were in the Sault today and stopped by the Bell Centre at Station Mall. We got the info, and signed up. Rejean just got finished installing it and it works!!! I can't believe how fast it is. No more washing the dishes waiting for somehing to download. It is super fast. I love it. It is about $35/mo for 1 gig and $50/mo for 2 gig but we are on a flex plan that if you go over the 1 gig you will pay the $50 but if you are under you'll pay the $35. How easy. I'll call Bell tomorrow and cancel our Internet service. AND we can use the phone at the same time. Will wonders never cease. Sorry for being so excited but this is major up here. It is a portable "stick" so we can use it on the computer downstairs. YEA!!!
We also ordered our tile today in the Sault. A little tile shop where they were really very helpful and gave us some good deals (altho the guy kind of rolled his eyes when I said I wanted charcoal gray grout for the white tiles) there is no accounting for taste.
Well that is it for now. I am just thrilled with the high speed.
By the way we are having a major storm tonite. Winds at over 90k/hr and snow. We will see what we wake up to tomorrow.
See Ya By
ps yes Rick, I did receive the comment
ppss yes Susan, that is the spot and yes we will go there when you come up


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Welcome to the new millennium!!!! Now you can post your pics and your blog together!!!

Yippee for you!

Stacey said...

FYI...... "BoarD2Death" is Andrew.