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Friday, March 13, 2009


Rejean and his friends went out ice fishing today - almost. The four of them headed out at about 9:30 am to a lake that held slake and brook trout. I went to town today and then over the Mary's to show her the "high speed stick (it worked and she is getting one) then came home and cleaned etc. At about 5:30 Rejean pulled in with no fish!!! He said they never even got to the lake!! They saw the lake but that was it. They spent all day out on the trail digging themselves out of the snow. Rejean said when they stepped off the machines you stepped in snow up to their crotches - they were tipping over, getting stuck and flipping them. There was a very light trail but the snow was so deep they couldn't get anywhere. Finally at about 2pm they turned back home because they would never had made it there and back before dark. A fine group of fishermen. They are going out again tomorrow on Tunnel Lake, just Rejean and Ron. Maybe this time they will catch a fish. But just in case I will have dinner ready just as I did today.
Tomorrow I will have to hit Little Rapids to get some more bird seed - they are just devouring what I put out. I have to fill the feeders everyday and I still throw seed on the slopes for them. I also have to get peanuts for the squirrel. I forgot to get some in town today and I am out. The little squirrel comes toward me sometimes waiting for the peanuts but not today. He looked surprised.
We are going to get some warmer weather in the next few days - it will hit +6 tomorrow or Sunday. You know where I will be.
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Anonymous said...

aunt janet it is tuesday what is the hold up on the blogging....i enjoy coming home from work and reading your blog!!!!