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Sunday, March 1, 2009


...and no SNOW. It was a work day around here. We put up the cement board in the shower. Let me tell you that working with your significant other can be - how can I put this - an adventure. He gets very impatient with things at times. I like to have a good time while I am working because it is only work and if something goes wrong, it can usually be fixed. And we are under no time restraints - we are both retired for goodness sake. What else would we be doing? He did require a bandage on one of his fingers. I played the part of the nurse. I walked up 17 stairs to get the bandages from the bathroom and I put it on his finger. I even said "poor Rejean" and asked if it hurt. He was pushing on the drill and it slipped. What he should have done, and he did admit this a little later on, was predrill the screw holes first then screw them in. We had two cordless drills going today - I even had to go outside down to the garage to get another battery. I am the gofer - but I don't mind. I enjoy it. I even got to predrill and drill while Rejean held up the heavy boards in place. We are slowly getting things done. After we finish the rest of the boards tomorrow, we will be able to finally install the tiles - which I haven't got yet. I know what I want but I just have to see the pattern on the floor at the store. Another trip to the Sault.
Well I am downstairs on the other computer - Rejean is upstairs on the Xbox and I just finished my exercises. Now time to relax...
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