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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Look at this beauty - Rejean and Ron went fishing at ---- Lake and Ron caught this perch - I think he said when he measured it at home it was approximately 17 " - he has these pictures and he said that he is going to get a replica made - that way he can hang it on the wall and still eat it - the best of both worlds. I asked Rejean where his fish was and I got "my hole wasn't productive". What kind of an answer is that??? All he got was a few small perch and small splake. It hasn't been a good year for ice fishing up here and I don't know why.

Right now it is snowing - all morning long. We have about 2" on the ground. The second day of spring - someone forgot to tell the weatherman.

And it is my 2nd day of being sick. I haven't been sick in a long time - years as a matter of fact - but it is taking a chunk out of me. I hardly got up from the couch yesterday - only to feed the fire downstairs and throw some food out for the birds. Ron and Darlene came by and I got up and visited with them for a while - 1 beer visit. today I feel a bit better but still weak and a very sore throat. Another day on the couch won't hurt me. I have been watching "I Want That" a tv show that shows all the new invention things to make like easier. I see things I want. Rejean is in the garage making the cabinets for the new bathroom. He is going to be planeing down the oak for the doors and face frames. He will stain them then I will varathane them. He doesn't trust me to stain them.

I have two crows that are coming around. I thought they were ravens but Ron said hey are crows and now that I look at them, he is right. I have been feeding them - we always have leftover stuff in the fridge that is not being eaten so I feed the critters. I like watching them - they are so cautious - they will approach the food slowly then go to peck at it sideways and if they are startled, they hop away. Then if all is clear, they grab one in their beaks then try to stuff more in - just like the fox used to do. I threw out some hot dogs that I broke up and I counted four pieces that he managed to stuff in his mouth. Greedy little things. There are two so maybe I will have little crows hanging around.

Well I am bored so maybe I'll go down to the garage and see how far along Rejean is.

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