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Sunday, March 8, 2009


What a beautiful day - sunny and about +1. Everything was melting. It was almost raining off the roof. You had to duck and hurry when you crossed under it. And I C Y!!! You really have to watch where you step because some places are just a sheet of ice - especially on the slopes. I haven't taken a tumble yet so keep your fingers crossed - I can just see myself with a walker this summer after breaking a hip. Just shoot me. I have learned to walk on the sides of the lane way. I checked out Stacey and Andrew's deck - it was nice and sunny but there was a cool north wind blowing which made it a little too cool to sit out. Maybe Monday - sunny and +1 again - maybe there won't be a wind.
Rejean is working on the moldings for the floors in the bedroom, bathroom and workout room. What patience. He has pine boards he plains down to the proper thickness. He has about 15 boards that he plains down one board at a time. He goes through the whole pile then reduces the thickness plainer and feeds them through again. He does this for about 2-3 if not 4 hours at a time. I kid you not. Then he cuts the design in them with the router, sands them down then I do my magic on them with the varathane. Better and MUCH cheaper than store bought. Film at eleven. I'll keep you up to date on the progress and the ETI (estimated time of installation).
Rejean talked to Jim Bob today about some talks with Chrysler and that they have to give up the cola on the pensions and a $30/mo co-pay. Something you can live with.
Well that's it - I am just getting used to this day light savings time thing. We woke up at 8:30 am (old time 7:30 - usual awakening time (7 really)by the time we had our coffee and watched the fishing shows, had breakfast, cleaned up etc it was almost 11am!! The day half gone!!
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