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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Boy, my loyal blog readers can give me a hard time for missing one or two days of blogging - sorry but I was just too busy (lazy) to blog the past few days - I promise to be better (how's that Shelley?)
This is a picture of the snow fleas I had heard so much about but only recently saw. If you look real close on snow on a mild day you can see them moving on the snow. They jump!! I don't think they can do any harm but just to be on the safe side, I avoid walking on the snow when I see them. They only appear to be on the white clean snow at the side of the roads and stuff. Thank goodness they are soooooo tiny that you really couldn't see them against anything that wasn't white.
Our tile is not in yet - I am waiting for a call back from the tile place in the Sault. It was a larger store with tons of tile and flooring in it so I can't see what the problem is. It is plain white tiles - no special orders. Oh well - I must learn to be patient. She just called me back - it is still in Toronto and when the truck has a full load they will be delivered - it is a local independent trucker who really can't afford to drive without a full load - I can appreciate that but it should be in on Friday so it looks like a road trip is in store. I have to slip over to the Walmart in the States for some supplies - koolaid, splenda etc.
I went for my walk yesterday with my garbage bag and the picker-uperer that I have special for that purpose. I must say that there wasn't a whole bunch of garbage - just the usual stuff - water bottles, Tim Horton cups (no roll=ups in the bunch) butts, and plastic holder things. Today I am walking the other way. I have decided that it is better for me to walk instead of run. My right knee has told me this. I pay attention to the little aches and pains. My career as a runner was fun but - I am, after all, a walker.
The lakes are starting to get the dark patches on them due to the warmer weather we have been having - it is also slushy around the shore line. that is good enough for me to stay off of them but the ice is still very thick - but there have been a few horrible accidents lately - the most recent was the poor mother and daughter who drowned on their machine - they were wearing seat belts and couldn't undo them in time - the father/husband was following behind them and witnessed the whole thing. They had hit a fracture in the ice and went into the water - another child and dog escaped.
Well it is too nice a day to be in here blogging - I am off down the road garbage picking.
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ps - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATCH - 18 yrs old on the 18th - picture and story on

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Anonymous said...

janet,i heard today that if you take vitamin b pills that the black flys won't bite you. they don't like the smell of your skin if you are taking b .look into this andlet me know soon as may is fast approaching. be carefull of the bottles with yellow stuff in them. ii isn't lemonade!!!!-sistersue