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Sunday, March 29, 2009


That is not meant as an insult but a device I use for varathaning the doors and cabinet tops. There is no better way than to use it for that process. You can move the object, you don't have to move and does it make a difference. It turns very easily and saves a ton of work. I finished another coat on all the stuff today. Rejean sanded the cabinets and the tops. We will put a final coat of high gloss varathan on the tops of the cabinets to sort of match the granite top of the middle cabinet that has the sink in it. It is glossy. I bought a special cleaner for it. I used it on my bathroom vanity and it does work good - it brings it to a nice gloss.
We woke up to snow this morning - a winter storm that could have dumped 10-15 cm of snow on us - I think we ended up with about 2 inches. But it won't last because it is supposed to warm up this week.
We decided on the design for the boarder in the shower - we found it difficult to cut the little black diamonds so we will just have to have a bigger grout area. It looks great - I'll take a picture tomorrow (it is in the garage and I'm not and I am just too relaxed to go get it so picture tomorrow).
I now have 2 European starlings hanging around - pretty birds - each wing is outlined in a light brown - I hope they stick around. They were even nibbling on the hot dogs.
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