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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bon Voyage

I am on my way finally. Friday we will stay overnite in Detroit and leave from there - if you stay one nite you can park your car for a week so that's what we will do. Anything to save a buck. On Saturday we are off & flying. We get there early enough that we can get a couple of hours on the beach - ahhhhh - I can feel that sun already.
I've got my camera packed so I will share my vacation with you when I get back.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Shopped Out Again

Waited 1 1/2 hours at the dealership for a part to be installed that ultimately didn't do a thing for the shimmy in the car. The mechanic obviously didn't take it out for a test drive. We can't take the car back now for a couple of weeks - after hunting season.
Got the rest of the shopping done - the boys will not starve.
We installed the new towel rack in the upstairs bathroom - looks great. It is a hotel towel rack, chrome, and holds the bath mat on the bottom and towels on the top. The old wood one was badly bowed and looked like - you know. I got a matching one for the hand towel on the other wall. They will go good with the new shower we bought at Costco when we were down in September. We have all the stuff we need for the new bathroom to get started - the plumbing etc. After everything dies down here and the hunters are gone and I am back from Florida we get started on the new bathroom and workout room - I want it finished by tourist season next year. I actually want to be in the new workout room this winter. I just have to get crackin' on the pine - lots of boards to sand and varathane. I'll just put my tunes on and let it rip.
My fox was here this evening - the female. She buried a piece 0f meat right in the middle of the
front driveway - that trap rock must have hurt her nose when she covered it up - they use their paws to dig the hole then they push the dirt back with their noses - funny to watch. The trap rock is sharp on dogs feet - Sadie always goes home with sore paws.
Another fire in the wood stove this evening - it is routine now - a fire in the morning then another one at about four in the afternoon that lasts until evening - keeps the place toasty.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

F R E E D O M ! ! !

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Just Down The Beach

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Another View of Paradise

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All Shopped Out

Another successful shopping extravaganza with Rejean in tow or should that be me in tow. We were out for supplies for the new bathroom and he was a man with a mission. He had his lists and flyers and measurements and his tape measure - real men don't leave home without them. First it was Canadian Tire where we speed shopped for oil for my car, looked at wood stoves and shower fixtures, taps and tile. We did buy eventually a shower fixture and a towel rack for the upstairs bathroom. I also got some new hunting gloves - they didn't have women's sizes so I had to get a man's large but they are mittens and they have a pocket for the hand warmers so they were a good find. Then on to Soo Mills that is like Home Depot only smaller - we saw our wood stove there. A Drolet Adarondak - smaller and on sale. Sold! We also got a black stone vanity with a white sink in it - 31" with a four inch centre for the taps which we also got. Nice ones. There are two handles with a higher arched facet. We also got the shower attachment that slides the hand held shower head higher or lower. With an extremely tall brother in law - Mitch - we need the extra height. We did squeeze in lunch at Wendy's for some much needed energy. I love their chili!!! I also have decided that my shower will have white 12" or 16" white tiles with a black border of some kind with black grout!!! I saw a picture and it looks really neat. But....I may change my mind - that is my perogative. I have my Visa card on ice.
We have to go back to the Sault tomorrow (Tuesday) because they had to order a part for Rejean's truck. I feel another shopping day coming on - this time for food for the hunters arriving on Friday - Ed just called to see if Rejean likes Chicken Fajitas - these guys cook for themselves - soups, stews, lasagna - you name it. I hope he makes the fajitas when I get home.
Also bought lots of bird seed and dog cookies for the foxes - they just love them.
My Florida trip is coming up fast - the end of this week!!! Can't wait for Thursday - the real start to my little vacation.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Piece of Beach Art & Chris

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Chris in the parking lot of the Bon Aire

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Back On The Treadmill Again...

Yesterday I started back on the treadmill - I think enough time has passed since the marathon and it is time to get back to it. The break is over. I will also start with the weights as we aren't that active in this type of weather. We don't stop in the summer - it gets dark so early and with the time change, it will be pitch dark at 5pm. No time like the present to start training for the Nike Woman's Marathon!!!
It is raining today so I will be doing some inside stuff - like cleaning out my closet. If I haven't worn it in a year, it goes to the GoodWill - yes they do have a pick-up in Thessalon (altho I think it may be for another charity) And there is tons of stuff in there as well as up in the attic in the garage - all my old work clothes. Up here you tend to wear the same things over and over - like jeans, t-shirts or turtle necks and sweat shirts. We are going to a lunch for the NorthShore Fisheries on Wednesday and I will just wear some clean jeans and a sweater - you don't dress up up here.
I also have to start packing for Florida - that has just snuck on me. The marathon took up a lot of my attention and you wake up and realize that the trip is just 6 days away!!! And look at the american money situation!!! Being the procrastinator that I am, I haven't got my spending money yet - I will pay through the nose for it.
Rejean is mudding the new addition today - we drywalled the ceiling and we can't do anything until that is done. We are heading into the Sault tomorrow to get his truck looked at and do some shopping - looking at wood stoves for the work-out room and tile for the shower. I am leaning towards white and black. I saw a commercial on tv the other day where the 16 inch white tiles were interspaced with black tiles randomly placed. It really got my attention and now I have to find it again to show Rejean because he needs to see it too. Do you think I can find it again? No.
10am now so I guess I should close this off. Thank you Susan for your input into the new colours on the blog. It is a different season so I think I should have a new look. What do you think???
See Ya By

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rambo - Pool Side

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The Bon Aire From The Water

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What Do You Think???

As many of you have already notices I changed the screen on my blog. I need your opinions on whether I should keep it or not. You are the ones going to be reading this so I value your opinions. Andrew "tweaked" the blog so I should be able to read your opinions without you needing to have a blogger address. Try it. Chris has already said she is having trouble reading the print. Let me know ok.
Dump day today and I fulfilled my duties - ran into John, Joy and Arnold at the dump - it is a social event. Last nite we visited poor Ken - he has to go home early - he was going to be hunting with us and even put up his tree blind a few weeks ago. It will be a litte difficult for him to climb the tree with crutches - we were discussing a pulley system where he could be lifted up into the tree stand but that didn't get very far - I think he would have done it.
I also picked names for the Christmas Eve extravaganza at Lise's house - being a procrastinator extrodinaire they are lucky I did it before Christmas. Rejean was also on my back - how annoying.
I also have decided on the BIGGER suitcase for Florida - just to be on the safe side. I will see how much it weighs empty - it seems heavy so it won't be my fault if I am over the weight limit at the airport - last year my one suitcase weighed 48 pounds - how in the world with summer clothes did it weigh that much???? I always overpack. I really don't need 10 t-shirts do I?
See Ya Buy

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Sisters - In Action

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Cocktail Party!!

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Yesterday I roasted a 10 pound chicken!!!! Yes, they really do grow that size. It was like a small child. Jack and Sue had brought it up during the summer and it was taking up a lot of room in the freezer so out she came. I had just read a recipe in one of my mags about cooking a 12 pound turkey so I thought that would apply to my situation. I did remember to remove the stuff inside like the neck and heart etc. Food for the foxes. It is not easy to prepare a slippery 10 pound anything so I had my hands full. It turned out beautiful - all brown, just like the picture in the magazine. Tons of gravy and it was good - I added a wee bit o'white wine just to give it some pizzazzzz. Yum Yum. Who said I couldn't cook. The foxes enjoyed their dinner.
I picked garbage yesterday - it had been quite a while since I had done it and on my runs I did notice I had to get to work. I got 3/4 of a big green garbage back full of coffee cups, beer cans and bottles, cigarette packages (I don't pick up the butts anymore - there were too many) and water bottles. But I did find a TREASURE!! I found a pail!! It still had the sticker on it. Perfect for something. I added it to my pile of treasures that has consisted of a full roll of duck tape, a new fishing net with the price tag still on it and I have picked up all the wooden stakes they used for the highway work a couple of years ago. They did come in handy. I really don't mind picking up the garbage - if I didn't, my little stretch of highway would look like sh-t. (I didn't spell it all out because Mr. and Mrs Barr are reading and I have promised I would keep it clean - er. HI!!)
I can't believe in this day and age that people still roll down their windows and throw something out! I will clean up after them but I curse under my breath when I pick up a broken beer bottle in the ditch, or a Tim Horton coffee cup.
Tonite we will go visit Kenny on Axe Lake - he had a little "accident" on his four wheeler - I believe he is lucky to be alive. He is in his place alone so to cheer him up I'm going to call the Post and see if they carry any "girly magazines" to keep him ... occupied.
That's it for now - the picture I am posting today is the three sisters in our cocktail pants that Joanne bought for us. There are little cocktails glasses on them with olives and stir sticks and the words Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - see how well we follow orders. Can't tell we're sisters - we all had our sage green fleeces on - good taste.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


2:30:23!!! That was my chip time for the Detroit Freepress half marathon last Sunday and I am very proud of it. It was my first 1/2 marathon that I ran (altho it was more like a run/walk but who cares) and I owe a great deal to my coach and running partner Stacey. She paced me and urged me on at times - she took lots of photos which you can see on her blog - there were pictures of me with the Detroit policeman on his Harley, with the three female singers in Detroit singing Heatwave, at almost every mile marker etc. I needed the little breaks- it is a good blog - very interesting. She is an ultramarathoner having completed TWO 50 mile runs that actually were longer that 50 miles. This 1/2 marathon was just a hop, skip and jump for her. Her training runs are 30 and 20 milers!!!! I was very fortunate that she ran with me - Thanks Stacey. Next year....San Fransico Nike Woman's Marathon!!!! I am so there. We'll run the whole marathon with my sister Joanne and Stacey's sister Jodie (I hope they can make it). There will be a group finish with us all holding our hands up in Victory - I can see it now. Los of training next year.
I am home now and when I pulled up yesterday the female fox was there - Rejean had put some left over meat on a paper plate and it was sticking to the plate - well the fox picked up the piece of meat that stuck to the plate so there was the fox walking away with the plate in front of her face and she couldn't see and she was walking like she was drunk - from one side of the road to the other. It was sooo funny - but I guess you had to be there to appreciate the humor in it.
It is clean up day around here - I have to unpack and do a wash then repack for Florida next week. I can feel the heat already. I won't overpack this time. For my little 4 day trip to Windsor I packed every running outfit I had + - the suitcase weighed tons. But I guess that is the female in me - we tend to overpack - don't we? But not this time for Florida. I am only going to take the basics - shorts, t's, sandals, jeans and of course my three bathing suits.
I have to do the weather for Ute today so there's an extra $10 in my pocket.
Well must get back to my chores - a woman's work is never done.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Testing Something New

These "people" are Stacey and Andrew - he has been "sick".  They don't look like this in real life.....

Dinner Time

Here I am feeding the Fox.  

The Mine Side in Bloom

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Just Call Me ....Betty

I went to my first "cookie exchange" this morning. The ladies of Wharncliffe are closed for the season and we had a little get together for one final bake off. I had to look for a recipe for cookies that was easy and that I had all the ingredients (I hate reading a recipe and I don't have the ingredients for or if it has green peppers in it) but no cookies I know of have green peppers in it but I hate green peppers - just thought you would want to know. I had to go through the garbage to retrieve a little recipe booklet for the little button cookies I made - so easy peasy. They turned out good!! No one was more suprised than me. Phyllis made these shortbread turtle cookies - lots of chocolate - Vickie made fudge that, by the time I left, hadn't hardened yet and Cheryle made her world famous popcornballs. I forgot my camera or you would be looking at a picture of all the goodies. I am not a dessert person at all so I am not looking forward to trying everything out but Stacey, Andrew and Rejean (and Sadie) may be finishing them off.
This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous - warm weather and just a little breeze. Rejean and Roger were putting up deer blinds and I helped. We now have two permanent blinds, four tree blinds and I think about eight portable blinds that will go up soon. Lots of acorns around so maybe the deer will be hanging out. I saw some huge moose prints on the little road to the mine side - he came down one day and back the next. I don't allow anyone to shoot moose on my property - they are so big and ugly they deserve to live. Deer? OK - I just think pepperoni on the hoof. Yum Yum.
It is raining out right now so I am catching up on my blog. I head to Windsor Friday for the marathon so don't expect any new news until I get back. Think of me at 7am on Sunday out in the cold and standing in the port-a-john line trying to keep warm. One year I missed the start because I was still in line - I had to push my way through the elite runners and tell the marshall that I was a walker and what should I do (they let the walkers start early back then) They told me "Just Go" so there I was all alone trying to catch up to the other walkers. All the spectators were thinking I was real slow because I wasn't with the pack - but this year I am running (well my style is run for 10 minutes and walk for 1 minute) Poor Stacey will have to slow right down to stick with me - we will go over the finish line hand in hand and with a big smile for the camera. But next year we are doing the full Nike Woman's Marathon in San Francisco where the Tiffany medals will be presented by firemen in tuxedos!!!!!! Any excuse to run a marathon eh?
Joanne, my sister and Jodie are talking about joining Stacey and I and maybe some other friends.
Well have to get back to work - you too.
See Ya Bye

Saturday, October 11, 2008

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How Time Flies

I can't believe it is October 11 today. It just seems the summer has flown by. We really didn't have nice weather until Labour Day but September and October have been fabulous - the leaves have been spectacular. I hear that coming up I75 and on highway 17 the leaves are not as good as up our highway. The reds, oranges, yellows and burgandy - like I've never seen.
The party was a success as usual. It's nice to have everyone over but it is nice when everyone goes home as well. They were all gone by 10pm. the coney island hot dogs were a hit and, as a matter of fact, that is what we had for dinner tonite - and they were still delich. I hate being the centre of attention but when the party is in your honor you have to be able to suck it up. After a few Caesars you just go with the flow. Linda and the rest of the people from Axe Lake chipped in a bought us a squirrel fountain - picture above. It is not something I would have bought but I kinda like it. The fox has even given it a few sniffs. She even tried to carry away the cord this morning but it was attached and she didn't get very far. I'm waiting for her to try and take one of the squirrels off the fountain. I have her sitting up on her hind legs to take food and even touching my leg with her front paws to reach up for the food. And still as gentle as ever. She is a sweetheart and I consider her my "pet" - low maintenance. I can enjoy her antics but still not be a full time owner. She shows up when she wants to. The male still comes around - hey, maybe next spring I'll be seeing little kits. The loons don't breed anymore so maybe the foxes will. Getting back to the fountain, we'll hook it up next year but everytime I get a quick look at it I think it's a real squirrel just for a split second. A water feature in the garden. Joanne and Skip got some pictures of my fox the last time they were over and she framed three pictures of her/him in a picture frame - the one in the middle being me feeding her - a nice gift. It was nice to see everyone.
Barb and her son Jody were up for a few days, closing up the cottage. One night we ate at Cal and Sal's, the the next night we ate over here (turkey in a box for 8), today we went over and had a couple of beers in Bill's honor at his table. I used the alcohol as an excuse to ask the questions I didn't know answers to. Bill and Barb had a long, colourful past and there were some things I just never knew but now I do. They could have written a book. It was good to see Jody again - he brought pictures of his son Dylan - what a cutie. And Barb wasn't feeling too good but it was good to see her again and talk about Bill. It's just not the same with him. He is missed.
Rick and Joan left this morning so we had a few hours of just us until the next group comes in tomorrow. Stacey, Andrew and Sadie will be up tomorrow. I don't think I will be seeing the foxes for a few days.
I got my run in this morning - 32:30:20 - at least I am consistent. In one week it is the marathon - Sunday in Detroit - I hope there isn't a Lion's game again this year. We finish at Ford Field on the 50 yard line. Then you have to walk up many many many many stairs to get your free food and to get out. Obviously the person that planned that didn't run the marathon - you can barely get over a curb let alone the stairs. I am looking forward to our traditional french fries and gravey at the Michican Tavern in La Salle afterwards. You don't muck with tradition.
Well that's all for now - it is a nice quiet evening in front of the tv - I'll probably be asleep at 8:30. When you stop, you drop.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Her After Dinner Nap

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My Pet - courtesy of Steve P photography

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The Calm Before The Storm

I am sitting here at 1:45 pm and everything is done and ready for the party. I like to be done and relaxing before the event. The chili is in the crockpot, the onions are chopped (I teared up a lot) the world famous deviled eggs are done, the table is set up, the chairs are all inside because it is raining and cold outside so at least 25 people will be in my house downstairs - thank goodness for the cement floor - it is the party garage - that is what everyone has up here .Bob has a pool table, big screen tv, fire place, bar (that is where the "birthday/superblowl party incident" happened - enough said) I still have the red beads from the wedding hanging so it looks party like down there.
I will take pictures for my blog so you can enjoy the festivities as well. Any excuse to party....
See Ya Bye

ps - Good luck with your surgery, Jimmy. We will be thinking of you today

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dueling Pine Needle Blowers

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All Set For Winter

Finally got the wood shed finished and filled - we had Rick and Joan helping and we did it in a couple of hours - surprisingly all that wood fit into the new shed (I got some pine kindling and does it ever work well). I'm all set too.
Another day of baking yesterday - from 9am til 4:30pm and I took Cheryle and Joan with me to help - there were seven of us and we had a full day of baking meat pies and fruit pies and butter tarts - I don't want the recipes just as I refuse Joan's cinamon bun recipe. I want to be able to move up here. At the end of the day I asked if there were any extra baked pies I could buy for dinner and lo and behold, I walked away with a roast beef pie for dinner. Yum Yum.
Today I went into town with Joan to get ready for tomorrow - apparently the gang on Axe Lake got tired of waiting until we had a party for our 25th wedding anniversary so they called and said they are all coming over tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness I have my secret Coney Island Hot Dog recipe to feed the masses. Just cans of Stagg chili and onions and mustard - just delicious. There will be fun.
Rick and Rejean went hunting yesterday with Gerry but only one bird was killed.
Tonite we eat it as an orderve (however you spell it).
Barb and her son Jody will be in tomorrow as well, probably to close the cabin up - we'll have a turkey dinner for them and Cal and Sal - I told Barb to bring Bill's ashes with her as I am sure Bill would enjoy the ride. She is going to have the memorial in the spring she said but that's no reason to leave Bill at home. Mom and Dad were portable as I will be.
Then on Monday Andrew and Stacey and Sadie will be up so another Turkey dinner - Yum Yum.
Well that's about it - dinner will be prime rib ala George Foreman - it is the only time I eat prime rib and it is delicious. Rick and Joan always make it up here so I never turn it down.
I'll take some fotos at the big party tomorrow. Cheers!!!!
See Ya Bye

Sunday, October 5, 2008

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It's That Time Of Year

Just back from my 15k run/walk (1:45:29) and I saw two deer at the Axe Lake road - where I had stashed my water. They just watched me for the longest time but finally bolted - one going one way and the other going across the road. It was beautiful - the trees are in full bloom - the reds, yellows, oranges crimsons etc. just takes your breath away. It is true color and not the colors you get when it is dry.
We got the new wood shed finished and filled it with the 10 cords of wood at the other property. We had
Rick and Joan helping which made it go pretty fast but it just adds to the number of times you touch that wood. I think it is about 10 times by the time you cut it down, measure it, cut it, load it into the trailer, unload it, pick it up to split it, stack it, load it into the trailer and unload it into the wood sheds, pick it up to carry it into the house and up the stairs to the wood stove....ugh. Then you have to clean out the ashes!!!
Jenn and Steve had a good honeymoon here - they blazed a trail into the bush and cleared a spot to build a bunkie!!! Yes we are going to have a bunkie on the property. I'll take pics later. It will be a work in progress because they aren't up here all that long. I told Jenn to get used to working up here as there is always something to do.
I baked with the ladies of Wharncliffe last week - 90 dozen perogies!!! I learned how to roll out the dough - not as easy as it looks. I am pinching perogies in my sleep. tomorrow we do the fruit pies - apple, cherry (my fave) pumpkin pie, butter tarts etc. I am becoming domesticated!!! Who Knew??
Chris called me yesterday just to see if I was still alive. It has been quite busy and I have neglected not only my friends but my blog as well. When things slow down I will be right back at it daily. I promise.
Rick and Joan are up right now, then Stacey, Andrew and Sadie are up next week, then I go back for the marathon, then two weeks later back again for my trip to Florida!!! St. Pete Beach here I come. I can just feel the heat!!! then back for the last week of hunting season then work work work on the new addition. It never ends (thank goodness).
Barb is coming up from West Branch to have a little memorial for Bill - spread his ashes around his beloved Chub Lake - it will be emotional. I miss Bill.
Well I hve recovered from my run so now it is off to rake the leaves on the road - yes we like to keep it clear of leaves. Take care.
See Ya Bye