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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Thank goodness the snow was light and fluffy!!!  We headed over to Joanne and Mitch's place to dig it out.  Roger helped me with the house porch and Rejean drove the tractor over to blow the snow down the driveway so we can get in and out.  I did the sauna porch just around the door.  If Mitch wants to suntan on the deck, he can shovel the rest of the snow by himself!!  Maybe,  for a beer,  I will help him.


It was the Friday nite Fish Fry at the Legion in Thessalon and a bunch of us went.  We had our special table set up downstairs close to the bar.  There was Len, Ute, Ron, Mary Linda, John, Roger, Bruce, Diane, Doug, Darlene and Ron and Rejean and I - quite the table.
The menu is very simple and always the same.  Pickles, buns, cole slaw, baked potato and fish and for desert, vanilla ice cream with either strawberry sauce or butterscotch topping.  That is my desert in the bottom picture - I like lots of butterscotch on my ice cream and it is the only time I eat ice cream is at the fish fry.
The fish is delicious and always fresh.  They have 2 fryers and dish out as much as you want to the people in line.  If you stand there they will continue to pile up your plate.  I had 3 pieces last nite.
The volunteers in the kitchen are always so happy and friendly.  My friends Ed and Lynn are fooling around with the coleslaw bin.
I also had a draft beer to go with my meal - it was, after all,  Friday and after 4pm so I could drink.
The fish fries are held on the last Friday of each month except July, August and December.
A good time was had by all and I was home by 7:45pm.  LOL


How can they get any cuter???????
They are looking like little boys now and not babies.

Friday, February 27, 2015


I sent Joanne and Mitch a picture of my missing tooth last nite just so they could see what's going on with it and my dear brother-in-law Mitch sent this picture back to me asking "Who does this look like?"

Well, remove the red curly hair for grey short hair, the freckles and rosy cheeks and the blue eyes for hazel and the double chin and it is kinda  me.  Even got the right tooth missing.

Pay backs are a bitch, Mitch...


Happy Birthday to my two favourite grandchildren - Monty on the right and Charlie on the left - and I know this is correct because I already got it wrong and was corrected by Jodie.
The trick is to remember who has the rounder head - it is Charlie - but I seem to forget this fact when I need to identify the kids.  Thank goodness the parents know who is who.

6 months old today - where did the time go!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


…off on another adventure.

I love you Shelley Welley, with all my heart and soul.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hmmmm  What I did yesterday and what Charlie and Monty did.  I would much rather be in Abu Dhabi - in the pool - hanging with the kids.

Monday, February 23, 2015


I may have to work up to this - ok?

Sunday, February 22, 2015


I just got lucky looking out the window today and happened to see this little guy again.  I grabbed my camera this time and got some pictures.  He was digging in the snow for squirrels around the tree where they usually are.  Don't think he got one this time - and we are not missing any that I can tell.  I hope he comes around again - exciting to see such an elusive creature.


Charlie does!!

  Monty - it's ok…

Just been notified that I mixed up the babies - again!!  Monty on top and Charlie on the bottom - I see it now.  Sorry Charlie and Monty.  Bad Grandma!!

Friday, February 20, 2015


Fahrenheit or Celsius - it is still cold out!!  -35 Celsius is -31 Fahrenheit and when it reaches -40 C that is equal to -40 F.  Celsius catches up with Fahrenheit.

I hear it was pretty cold in Florida today, too...

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Remember that bossy little red squirrel in my last post?  The one who chased away the woodpeckers from the suet?  Well we spotted a Marten today walking around the house and guess what Martens eat - squirrels - and I haven't seen my little red squirrel around since this morning.   Hmmmm

I will miss that little guy...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This platform has a suet cage underneath it specifically for the woodpeckers, but today the red squirrel happened to plant himself on top of it to catch some rays and chased the woodpeckers away every time they tried to get close to it.
It was fun to watch for a while.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Just a couple more pictures from our vacation in Jamaica.  They had to de-ice the plane in Toronto on the day we left.  We flew out of the Sault at 5:40 am and out of Toronto at 9:30am.  Just a 4 hour flight and we were in sunny Jamaica.  The resort was a 2 hour bus ride from the airport but we were talking to all the people on the bus so the trip went by fast.  We had a cheese plate delivered to the room soon after we got there and got 2 Red Stripes out of the fridge and enjoyed it on our little patio.  The mourning dove joined us then and then every morning for breakfast.  He ate very well.  There was a great Super Bowl party on the Sunday nite.  They had 2 big screen tvs set up in the conference room along with food and drinks.  It was very well done and a lot of people took advantage of the festivities. On the day we got there, the dinner that nite was the beach party and the resident band was one of the entertainers.  Just love their music.
The next morning there was a yoga class on the beach.  I watched it from my seat in the restaurant eating my breakfast - omelette, bacon, toast and orange juice.  Yum Yum!!!
The resident peacock joined us on the beach - he was making peacock noises to get every one's attention and he got mine.  I got a great picture if I do say so myself.  He stayed for a hour or two then headed back to his field.
The Tower Island pontoon anchored offshore of our beach and stayed for a good hour at least.  You could hear the music and laughter clear as day.  They certainly had a good time.
All good things must come to an end - I got some pictures out the window as we were leaving Jamaica and then the sunset closer to home.  After I collected my luggage at the airport (just joking - that is not all mine) it was time to head back to reality and snow and frigid temperatures.
There is no place like home...


… but we still have snow up here too.  We have spent the past few days removing the snow from all the roofs around here.  3 trailers, a couple of sheds and our own roof.  Thank goodness it is not icy and the snow comes off pretty easily.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I came across this today and it reminded me of my Father.  But they are words that everyone can take to heart.  It applies to everyone's life.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I'll let Charlie and Monty say it for me...

Friday, February 13, 2015


… and a lot of procrastination, I have finally started the process of getting a dental implant.  I have had a cap on my front tooth since I was 16 and have only had it changed  twice.  During the past few years, my dentists have advised me to do something about it and each recommended a dental implant.  I have put it off and put it off for so many years but due to the warnings from my current dentist, I finally have committed to do it.  So last Thursday, I had my front tooth removed and a bone graft was also performed so that there would be enough bone for the implant to take.
I am a big chicken when it comes to freezing especially when it is the front tooth.  They have to freeze the front and then  into the palate which, from past experience, hurts like hell.  I requested nitrous oxide to relax me which they froze my mouth.  I have never had "laughing gas" before and I really didn't notice any difference and I still felt the needles.  But after the freezing had taken effect, he pulled the tooth.  He had to administer a bit more as I could feel some pain after during the other procedure.  I never opened my eyes during the whole thing.  I think it is better that way.
I have a temporary denture that I can wear for four months until it has healed.  Then the actual implant is inserted.  And then after a few more months to allow for healing, I get my permanent crown put in place.  I should be good as new by October 2015.
It is a long process and a few more trips to the dentist's office and some more freezing and pain but it will be worth it in the end.  I have always hated the cap as it didn't look natural - by the end of all this, I will be happy.


This is a picture of my sister Susan trying to find Disney's ball under the fridge - I knew I had this picture somewhere and here it is.  Susan lost Disney a while ago and I am sure this will bring a smile to her face - and a chuckle to everyone else.

Love you Susan!!