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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aren't They Pretty? Just Getting Started

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Playing With My Food

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The Ladies of the Pies - Cheryl, Debbie and Phyllis

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A Little Bit Of This - A Little Bit Of That

Well it finally happened - I baked a pie - actually over 60!!! The Ladies of Wharncliffe are taking orders for baking and yesterday I baked from 9 am until 5 o'clock!! These weren't fruit pies - they were meat pies - YUM YUM. We make hamburger pie (delicious), chicken, turkey and roast beef pies. I cut up the beef and turkey into small pieces (taking care not to include the grisel or bones) then each type is mixed with shredded carrots, onions, garlic in a broth or gravy and simmered - then I ladled it into the pie plates (Phyllis made the dough) then I helped fold over the dough and seal it - with my long nails it made a nice pattern in the dough. We baked at Cheryl's house and Debbie, Vickie, Phyllis and myself did all the grunt work - then we had four ovens going all over Wharncliffe - I had deliver the uncooked pies and pick up the cooked one - it was quite the production. I bought two hamburger pies to take home for dinner and they were delicious - nothing like eating your own creation. Today I am baking 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies for the bake sale in Thessalon on Friday - our last one at the Trading Post on Saturday (it rained!!!) we made over $200 and some people actually bought my peanut butter and chocolate squares!!! I was so happy!!! We have to make $$ somewhere since the hall is still off limits and we don't have enough $$ to pay the bills through the winter.
We are finally getting veggies from the garden - the tomatoes are just starting and the cukes are still slow - no heat up here this year so they are not doing too good.
I AM IN!!! I finally registered for the Detroit Freepress Marathon - it will be the first one I run altho I am thinking it will be a run/walk - but there is nothing wrong with that - and Stacey is going to run it with me - she registered also - she is doing another 50 mile run the day after Steve's wedding in September!! Her training includes a 30 mile run one day and a 20 mike run the next - UGH - I can feel her pain but I can understand the drive - I have felt the "zone" a few times since I started running but when I walked, and in the zone, you feel as tho you can go on forever. I feel better running now than I do walking. And I sweat!!! Stacey always said that you have to sweat in order for it to be a good workout. That being said my workouts must be great!!
Work is being done hot and heavy on the addition - now the real work begins. Rejean even let me cut the strapping and 2 x 4s on the mitre saw for him. He would call out the measurements, I would repeat it just in case I heard wrong, pick the piece out of the pile, measure with MY tape measure, mark it with the pencil and make the cut. I then handed it back to him repeating the measurement and he drilled it into place. See, I can do more than just sweep. He is finishing the wiring while I put the insulation up etc etc etc.
That's it for now - I have to get baking - just call me Betty...
See Ya Bye

Thursday, August 21, 2008

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The Gang's All Here

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I've Been Busy

I have been hearing from my loyal readers that I am neglecting my blogging duties - guilty as charged. I have a ton of excuses but to get right down to it I have been busy. We had a ton of tourists for the past couple of weeks and Jason, Renee and Sierra are still up here. Lise and Anne were in the computer room sleeping and that is why there was nothing during that week - I couldn't kick them out of their own room just because I wanted to blog. We had Claire, Lise, Anne, Joel, Daniel, Sara and Brittney here and we had a great time. Claire wanted to come up and it just worked out that the rest of them came too. Fish were caught and eaten (we bacon wrapped the pickeral and it was d e l i c i o u s) I couldn't resist this picture of Clair all bundled up with her bug net on - it worked!!
Do you like the picture? That is the squirrel I feed in the winter (I think - all squirrels look the same to me) He was pestering Eboni and Joan when they were eating peanuts because that is what I feed them in the Winter - Eboni left the bag on the ground for a moment and when she came back he was right in the bag - the little bastard. This is his new trick - thank goodness we clean the pans before we use them - we'd all have little squirrel diseases.
There was a meeting this morning regarding the new Land Property Taxes and how they will be calculated - the letter was not clear at all and we were certain that our taxes were going up - UGH - but it turns out that they go down about $400/yr!!! Finally something in our favour.
I have to bake tomorrow - I know I know - I'll have the waivers ready for my victims to sign. But I got a good recipe from my Kraft books - a peanut butter and chocolate concoction - I will eat a few of those chocolate squares before I even start. There is a bake sale at the Post this Saturday to raise money for the Wharncliffe Hall- with it out of business this year there is no money coming in other than the usual donations. So we will hold a bake sale - Hungry???
We were coming back from town on Tuesday and up ahead I could see these two little things on the side of the road so I slowed down - it was two young raccoons just starting to cross the road - not even looking - they actually didn't see the car - I had stopped by this time and I gave a little honk - well - if you could have seen them - they both at the same time in unison jerked around to see us - their paws spread out on the ground in front of them and they both froze and the look in their eyes - we scared the sh-t out of them - they were soooo startled - they quickly turned around and ran off the road. No wonder there are so many raccoons that don't make it across the road. But I laughed all the way home - they looked so funny.
My friends from St Clair Beach - Karen and Bill are spending Saturday nite with us on their way to the Sault. We haven't seen them in two years. Should be a riot. I hope the weather is good...
I got a bit of that Wisteria scare - I had been in the Sault on Monday and I grabbed a burger from Mcdonalds on the way home. Tuesday nite during our camp fire I started to feel sick so I got up and went upstairs to the bathroom - you know when you are going to be sick from both ends? That was me for about 1/2 hour - thought I was going to die - Rejean even asked if he should take me to the hospital but I didn't think that was necessary - then I went to bed and immediately fell asleep. Wednesday I was fine as tho nothing had happened. Then all this Wisteria stuff started hitting the news with flu like symptoms being stressed. Ugh - then they discuss the meat is distributed to McDonalds!! Visions of hospitals flashed before my mind. I called the little Thessalon Hospital and they put my mind at ease - I will live. But scary isn't it?
I have more to say but I want to get outside - it's a great evening.
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gavin Jake and Andy

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Gavin, Andy and Melina and Rick driving

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Who Knew???

Ok - I admit it - kids can be fun. For a girl with no apparent maternal instincts I am doing just fine entertaining and being entertained by these kids. Right now Gavin, Melina and Jake are up with their parents and grandparents and I am actually enjoying them - how cute are they??? Melina is just a sweetheart and Gavin is a real trouper. I hide shiny rocks for them to find and they are thrilled to death with them. Follow the leader was never this much fun before. Gavin is about 4 and Melina is 2 1/2 and Jake is about 1. They got to stay up late the other nite for their first campfire - all bundled up in a blanket. And they got to eat popcorn for the first time!! Under the watchful eye of all us grownups. They enjoyed their boat ride but Gavin was worried that the boat was going to tip - Melina just sat there and enjoyed it. Jake spends a lot of time in his playpen. Just entertaining himself. They should make playpens for adults.
Last nite we enjoyed the fish we caught the other day - was it good. Fish and chips!! The kids enjoyed it as well. It has been a long time since Eboni had a good feed of fish and she did last nite.
Rick, Rejean, Andy and I went golfing yesterday and we had a blast - Rejean got 49!!! I won't say what I got but I had an excellant putt on the last hole I was proud of.
Today the rest of the crew arrives - Mrs Pomerleau, Anne, Lise, Joel, Sara and her friend and Daniel. Altogether there will be 16 of us - another reason to drink beer!!! But I am ready for them all - all the beds are ready, a macaroni salad is made, the hamburgers and buns are ready and they are bringing C O R N ! ! ! Let the fun begin.
I'll take lots of pictures to keep you up to date with all the goings on - should be interesting!!
See Ya Bye

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Wow it really is cold outside - I am sitting here with the ceramic heater on and a sweater, jeans and sox!!!
Woke up yesterday and it was raining but it soon cleared up altho it was a bit chilly. Then the rains came and - to top it off - the power went out!!
We still had to take showers to get ready for the party that afternoon - I said we can't go stinky. I had gone for my run and I needed to shower. I couldn't even iron the shirt Rejean wanted to wear - I had left everything for the last hour to do and just ran out of time. We trudged down to the garage in the rain and brought up the generator - we didn't have a lot of gas to put in it as we (read Rejean) hadn't filled up all the gas containers - we weren't prepared. And the kids were trying to sleep but he started the generator for about 15 minutes so we could get the showers etc over and done with. Rick switched his fridge over to propane just in case the outage lasted a long time. He called Hydro and they said it would be back on at 5:30pm - about 4 hours away.
Got to the party and everything was set up outside - the horseshoe games, ring toss, the gazebo etc but it was raining and cold so we sat in the garage (everyone up here has a "party garage" where people gather and this was no different. They even have a pinball machine in it but it didn't work - I figure they could have paid for the party with everyone playing a quarter a game). And - get this - the date was August 9th, 2008 and they lit the wood stove because it was so cold. But people were outside between the rain showers and they did get the bon fire lit and some people were standing around it. Games were played by the brave but us wimps were in the garage gathered around the wood stove. I wore a sweater, jeans, sox and my rain coat and I was still cold!! A good time was had by all and the food was great - we had corn from southern Ontario and was it good - it was our first corn of the season - I do miss the corn and tomatoes of Windsor. We rely on the kindness of tourists to provide us with them as the corn and tomatoes up here just aren't the same.
Today it is overcast and cold - but it is supposed to get partly sunny later on - I won't hold my breath.
The little one are having a good time - I showed them a big slug and Gavin and Malena were amazed - you touch their little tentacles and they pull them in - fun to watch. I showed Gavin Jacques and he watched me feed him. The fox was around and I let Gavin throw him a dog biscuit but Ebonie told me later she didn't want the kids feeding the fox. I can see that - they are cute and I hope they enjoy themselves - Gavin wanted to go home yesterday - he had had enough. Jake was having fun in his playpen - nice red hair!!!
Time to get back to work - no rest for the wicked.
See Ya Bye

A Nice Brookie

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Good Day Fishing

Rick, Rejean and myself went to our favourite stream to fish today - get some relaxation in before the gangs come. Got out a about 11:30 am - nice and sunny but not too hot - you don't get a breeze in the stream - too much forest around you. Rejean and I went left and Ricky went right - good spots down that way - the falls are there and you can usually get a good size one in there. Rejean and I got our limit within an hour - sometimes two to a hole. Not bad sizes either. I got a big one in a smaller hole and Rejean netted it - he says that I kept pulling the fish out of the net after he had it netted but I don't remember that - only what a good fight he put up - on the ultra light rods, a fish that size pulls drag so reeling in was fun. You have to keep them away from the branches and twigs under the water - you could see some other trout come up and see what was going on - bass do this too - if one of their own is on a hook and being reeled in, other fish will swim right up to them as if to see if they think it is food or something. These are the fish that everyone one else will try and catch but you may have spooked the other fish so they won't hit anything. Again just a hook and a worm and one split shot on an ultra light rod with about 4 pound test line on it. You have to learn how to lob the bait, and not to cast it (unless you are good). You just swing the line over to where you want it to land and float down in the little rapids to the pool beneath it - fish wait there for food to float down stream to catch - they are lazy and wait for the food to come to them. It's fun to watch them dart up to the bait then swim away and realize they are caught. I enjoy it. They are soooooo good to eat. Yum Yum.
Well that's it for now - going to a party this afternoon - a 25th anniversary party at Skip and Joanne's. Nice day for it.
See Ya Bye

Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Again, Finally, Almost

Rejean and Gerry went to Menard's in Marquette Michigan to pick up the post covers - only $66 each instead of over $100 here in Canada - a 5 1/2 hour ride one way!!!! They left at 8 am and didn't return until after 10:30 pm (I had the insurance money spent) and it was a successful trip - the two of them loose in Menards - imagine the purchases. Wednesday was the shed day - the 3 of us put up Rick's shed on the other property - H O T ! ! - and Thursday was post day. Everything went well until one package was opened and it only contained 3 panels instead of 4!! I got on the phone and spoke with the manager and they will ship another package to Sault St Marie Michigan for pick up - a lot better than going all the way back and I don't mind another trip to the Sault. What a difference the covers make - it just finishes the porch - see the barbeque area? Now Rejean and Rick can BBQ in the rain in the "Grilling Area" as they call it.
Tonite the 6 of us will go to the Outpost for dinner and it being Thursday that means we will have a roast pork dinner - yum yum. Anne Kehoe at the Outpost said they have to make hay while the sun is shining meaning they can accommodate the 6 of us. They feed their guests and with the 6 of us they will be feeding 26 people tonite. Keeps them busy!!! Gerry, Cheryle, Rick, Joan, Rejean and I will be well fed tonite.
Sorry I haven't been blogging regularly but it is the summer and I am busy doing stuff and I can't seem to find the time to blog everyday but I will be blogging the highlights - like all our visitors coming next week. Rejean's mother, Lise, Anne, Joel, Daniel and Sara will be arriving Tuesday and Ebony, Andy and their three little kids will be coming Saturday to stay in the trailer with Rick and Joan so it will be hectic again here. The fox keeps coming regularly so there is some entertainment there for the kids. And Jacques is still hungry.
And Saturday there is a 25th wedding anniversary party for Skip and Joanne - another one of those everything is provided so just bring your chairs party - it should be well attened.
That's it for now ...
See Ya Bye

Monday, August 4, 2008


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Cinamon Buns - YUM YUM

Well look what I ate last nite - yes Joan is in and baked her buns on the second day - what took her so long? It is the only recipe that I DON'T want because I would probably look like a house if I did. They were good as usual and there were left overs that we ate this morning for breakfast (at least I did) Gave me a big rush for my run.
Tonite we go to visit Gerry and Cheryl's to see the progress of their cabin - pine on the walls - should be good.
Nice day AGAIN today - that's three days in a row - I even had to water my garden and plants. No rain - usually it rains every other day but not recently. A nice breeze and it was great sitting on the dock.
Just a short one today - more tomorrow.
See Ya Bye