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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The fox dens beside the highway
My favourite camp (other than my own)

The boom at Red Rock

A very photogenic deer

I headed into Blind River yesterday for a few supplies - Rejean needed cigarettes - and I took my camera just in case I saw something. A deer was standing on the side of the road -
and it didn't run away as they usually do. Too bad we don't see them during the hunting season. It was a nice healthy looking one. I then drove into Red Rock Dam to see what was going on - they have installed a boom across the river to prevent boats from getting too close to the spill way. That is where the pink salmon come in the fall. It is a nice place to fish. On the way back I got a picture of a camp that I just love. It is just a one floor little cabin with a couple of out buildings - just the right size. I also got a picture of the fox's den along side of the highway - they are starting to dig them a bit bigger - maybe in anticipation of babies??? I always thought it was a stupid place to dig their dens but people throw food in that area and it gives people a chance to see them in the wild - but it is on a corner so I am sure there will be a few near misses come the spring and summer.
It is supposed to be nice and sunny today - I'll be taking advantae of that!!!
See Ya Bye

Monday, March 29, 2010


Plane Jane and her husband Les - good job!!!
Plane Jane assisting and a mystery man checking the sausages - note the red checkered apron - he wore it well...

Busy in the Kitchen - real men DO wear aprons

The Sowerby Hall - we beat the rush

What we woke up to on Sunday morning - it hadn't snowed in Sowerby tho.

My Plate - Yum Yum - they were carrot muffins and I poured a lot of maple syrup over my pancake and dipped my sausages in it.

While at the Legion Fish Fry on Friday nite, Plane Jane told us about the Sowerby Breakfast on Sunday morning - all the proceeds go to the Sowerby Hall. Pancakes, sausages, eggs, muffins, juices etc. We would be there!!!

Ron and Mary picked us up at 9am Sunday and off we went - the roads were good despite the little bit of snow we got overnite. We arrived at about 9:45 and the crowds hadn't arrived yet. Apparently at noon when the churches get out it is packed.
We got in line and got our food. It was nice to be served and not have to serve for a change. And the best part of the whole experience was that the men were cooking!!!! Plane Jane was helping and some other ladies were also helping but the men were doing duty in the kitchen with aprons on!!! And a fine job they did. They cooked the pancakes in bunches of about 8 and the sausages (2 kinds) were precooked. There was also hot hard boiled eggs. Fresh cut oranges and coffee and orange juice. It was a full breakfast. But they only put it on once a year - pity because it could really raise a lot of money for the hall if they put it on say, once a month. I managed to get a picture of Plane Jane and her husband Les together. They were both working very hard - it was a very well organized and successful event - I went in and thanked and congratulated the cooks on a job well done. It is nice to be acknowledged.
See ya Bye


I don't even like them!!! Guess who cleaned the smelt - ME!!! It took total about 4 hours. You clean them just like a small brook trout - cut their heads off just below the two small side fins - then you cut up from the b-m hole to the top where you cut their head off - you use your thump to scratch out the innards and rub to remove the "dirt" from the spine area. Then you cut the two bottom fins and voila - you are done. Do that 1 million times (seems like) and you have a meal. I threw the heads and innards out for the ravens but they don't seem to enjoy the little eyes staring are them. I guess they are used to the chicken and hot dogs they get. Spoiled birds!!! I don't remember even eating them before but I am told I have but I don't remember. I like sardines...

It was beautiful here today. Nice and sunny and warm. I got a walk in but I didn't feel too safe on the highway. I'll just have to use my treadmill for a while. AND it is supposed to hit 20 on Thursday!!!! Get out the golf clubs!!!

See Ya Bye

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This morning I helped Rejean rotate the fire wood. We moved the majority of wood from his wood shed to my wood shed. It will be easier to fill his with the new stuff when we get it split. We used the big brown trailer - it took about 2 1/2 hours. It's nice to see a full shed. We finally got to the dump at 1pm. He's over at Axe Lake smelting. I guess they are getting some in the lake. I hope he doesn't bring a lot home - they are a b-tch to clean.
Tomorrow morning we will attend a breakfast at the Sowerby Hall - pancakes, sausage, bacon, maple syrup etc. It's about time I got waited on instead of serving at the hall. The syrup will be from last year as this year's crop is not going too well. The weather hasn't been co-operating. Then Ron and Mary want us to go for a 4 wheeler ride with them back in the bush. Should be an interesting day.
See Ya Bye

Friday, March 26, 2010


While in town yesterday I picked up a Sault Star. It is not a big newspaper but it keeps me informed of local stuff going on. Well yesterday there was an article that informed us that a convicted sex offender would now be living in Thessalon . He has just finished serving a 5 year 5 month term for 3 counts of sexual assult, 2 counts of being a party to a sexual assult and 1 count of sexual assult. There were other prison terms for sexual assult involving teenage girls AND the penitentiary officials consider him a high risk to re-offend!!! Nice to know!!! You read about stuff like this in the big city but when it is in your back yard and a small community of 1400 people it scares the hell out of me. We will just have to be careful and more aware of our surroundings at all times but it just takes away the feeling of safety and security that I felt living up here. But I have faith in the Ontario Provincial Police Detachment right on the corner of highway 17 and 129. They will keep us safe.


I first have to add that people up here have a good sense of humor. We came home last evening after being in town giving blood and dinner at the Shorview. We then stopped off at Ron and Darlene's for a beverage. It was just getting dark when we pulled up to our house - I was driving so I had my eyes on the road ahead of me. I heard Rejean say "what the h-ll is that?" and I looked over at the house. I first thought it was a big dog just lying by the door - then I thought it was a wolf or something. On further inspection is was a huge stuffed tiger!! You can see how big it is and it is very soft and in great condition. I quickly got out my camera as I consider this to be blog worthy material. Then you get to thinking - ok, who did this. We were with John at Ron's place so he didn't have the time. He was our first choice as he is known for his "antics". I called Linda and she said she didn't know anything about it. There are only so many people who would be capable of something like this. We saw Roger on the highway on his way home and think maybe had something to do with it - he is in the process of "cleaning ' out his place so maybe...We may never know. Now what do I do with an almost life size stuffed tiger???? Maybe I'll put it outside to scare off the raccoons.
See Ya Bye
ps - I notice that I have a new follower - Lisa - welcome to my world!! I now have 8 followers and I appreciate every one of you. I will try and keep you entertained and interested in the stuff I do every day. Please feel free to comment - I enjoy the feedback.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The other property

My two (male and female) Hairy Woodpeckers enjoying the suet - note the weather stick indicating a nice day - if it points up a good day and if it points down a bad day - kind of like life.

First I raked the road - sorry Ricky I beat you to it but you can do it again when you come visit - then I went on my first garbage run of the year and I only got about 3/4 of a bag - either I did a good job last fall or people are starting to not litter as much. Then we put the dock in - hard to believe but the ice is gone that far from shore. So we got 'er done and then sat and had a beer on the end of the dock in the sun.

Then just as I was getting dinner ready and had the salads all done, Ron called and invited us over for cocktails with them and Cal and Sal. Cal and Sal have a place on Jobam so when they get in they go visiting. We have known them for years and it is always a good time. And tomorrow nite Cal and Sal are having us over for cocktails at their camp along with Ron and Mary too. The fun never ends.
Tomorrow a trip into town to try and get some chicken arms on sale at Valumart. $2 a pound - yum yum. Thursday we give blood and Friday is the fish fry at the Legion - has it been a month already?
See Ya Bye

Monday, March 22, 2010


Another nice day -I got Stacey and Andrew's septic bed raked today. I had done mine the day before and worked on the garden. I am ready now for all the nice flowers and plants to start sprouting. And the ice is slowly melting away from shore. As you can see the water levels are way down. Hopefully we will get some precipitation in the next little while - there is already a fire ban in a lot of communities. When you walk in the bush, it is crispy. A bad time for a fire to start.

I got my walk in today and on the way back I visited with Ute - we went for another walk down her trail. All these years and I had never been down there. I didn't realize there were so many cottages down there. Nice places.

Rejean is busy with his mother's cabinets - It takes him a while to get into a project but once he starts, it is hard to get him to do anything else. He is very focused. He finished the cutting boards - thick maple - the wood from our bush. I wouldn't mind one or two of those. He is busy drawing out the next group of cabinets - I am going downstairs to do my exercises. It is 6:10pm and it is still nice and sunny out. Gee I like being retired...

See Ya Bye

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I raked my septic bed today and we then got a couple of loads of the mulch from the other property. Last year the highway workers dropped a couple of loads of mulch at the shed. We deposited it in the garden and it looks great. Should hold the moisture during the dry weather we have been having and probably will all summer. My plants will love it.

We had Roger over for dinner tonite - Roger had a little "incident" with a table saw. He didn't loose any fingers but one is shorter and one has a nice slice thru it. Doing something he shouldn't have been doing with the saw but you can be sure he will never do that again. He got away lucky this time. Rejean had the same thing happen to him but not as severe. And he also was doing something he shouldn't have been doing with a table saw. Live and Learn. Joy and Arnold were just arriving at Roger's when it happened so they were able to take him to the hospital in Thessalon - yes we do have a hospital in Thessalon - a very good one. Nice to know in case of emergencies - Susan went there when she broke her wrist on the 4 wheeler a couple of years ago. And the Sault is getting a brand new one shortly. So we are all set - in case of emergencies....
See Ya Bye
ps - I do want to apologize to all the Bald Eagles out there for my comments yesterday - I know you must eat and all the lakes are still iced over so you have to get a meal where you can. I would do the same.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


While in town I stopped in at Forestland, a store that has tons of neat stuff in it. I always find a gift for someone when I go in there. Well, today was the day I found something for myself. I put it up on the Wall of Shame/Fame. Kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?
See Ya Bye
note the guy in the background with the binoculars


On my way back from town today I noticed a bunch of ravens by the side of the road - a clear indication of road kill and breakfast for the birds. As I got closer I noticed a white headed bird flying away as well. I stopped and got out my camera and got a couple of pictures of a bald headed eagle waiting in a tree for me to leave so he could resume eating with the ravens. I knew that they were scavengers and opportunists, but I had never seen one before so clearly by road kill. Kind of made me sad to see such a noble bird eating a dead deer in a ditch. I picture them flying in low over a river or lake and scooping a fish with their talons. Maybe I'll have my camera ready for that one.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One of my little friends made an appearance this morning and I managed to get a better picture of him. I opened the door and he meandered off - slowly. I had just finished feeding my two ravens hotdogs. they are so fun to watch - I tried to get a picture of them but they had finished breakfast and flew away. John can produce a sound very similar to their calls and I want him to teach me how to do it. Instead of my CawCawCaw that I yell at them. If anyone ever saw me do that I would be taken away in a little white jacket. And yesterday when we were over on the deck taking advantage of the nice warm sunny weather, a fisher came trotting around the shoreline - we watched him scamper over to the other side where he could go ashore without getting wet. He never even saw us. We are just waiting to see our first bear - it is warm enough for them so we are alert. I carried a whistle on my walk today - just in case.
I hear the Eagles are touring this year - hitting Toronto and Winnipeg. Some of the tickets are in the $440-800 dollar range. They are touring with the Dixie Chicks - now that would be a concert!! Well worth the $$$.
On the way to Windsor last week we stopped in WestBranch where there is a Dress Barn. I bought my dress last year for a wedding at the Barn and I got another one this year. My nephew Troy is getting married this June so, of course, I needed a new dress. I found THE one and it was only $35.00 US!!! What a bargoon!! I also picked up a shrug sweater to go over it. I may get cold. And the sales girl showed me some bling for it that, of course went very well so I will be all blinged up. (read necklace and earrings). But it is perfect - you know the feeling when you put something on and it just fits perfect, you feel good in it and it is a good price. I admit that the sweater was more than the dress but it didn't matter - it was an essential. And I have black shoes and dressy clutch to go with it (girly talk). And all the people who laughed at me for buying a dress at the dress Barn, wait until you see it!!
See Ya Bye

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The other nite just after I finished my exercises I looked out and saw two raccoons feeding at the bird feeder - it has been very mild so they must be coming out of hibernation (the bears may not be too far behind). You can just make out the 2 bumps in the blue area. Rejean opened the door and scared them away but they didn't seem to run very fast. I don't know if they came back that nite or if they have been back since. I bet they have. We don't leave any garbage out so the bird seed is all they can find to eat.
We just got back from Windsor where we attended the funeral for our friend Jimmy. Jimmy had been coming up on the spring fishing trip for 18 years straight. Many good times were enjoyed by everyone during that time. He was up last year even during his chemo and right up to the end he was talking about coming back up here this year. He will be missed. The service was very emotional. Rick talked about the fishing trips and how thrilled Jimmy was when he caught a fish. He would sit in the back seat of the truck and sing "goin' fishing with Rick and Rejean" When we knew that he was going thru the chemo and may have trouble casting, we went out and got one of those fishing rods for kids that shot the lure out. He laughed but he never got to use it. His son spoke about little phrases that Jimmy would say - some that meant something to only a few people and some that meant something to everyone. His "adopted" daughter spoke of being cuddled in the crook of his arm and that was the safest place in the world for her. She got to lie down with Jimmy and cuddle one last time. Everyone was in tears. It was a good service. He will be remembered by all with love. Rest in Peace Jimmy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Rest in Peace Jim-Bob. I will miss you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday it got up to 55 degrees F and today our reading was almost 60 degrees on the balcony. We were, however, over on Stacey and Andrew's deck taking advantage of the weather conditions. Everything is melting. There is no snow left on the shoulders of the highway and very little near the highways. Snow is still in the bush but even that is melting fast. It has just been a very weird winter. Not that I am complaining. But I think we are in for one last big blast before all is said and done. The ice is melting on the lakes - people are taking their ice fishing huts off before the deadline. There is still lots of ice but the huts will start sinking down into the ice and if it freezes again it will be very difficult to get them free. And the ice by the shore is melting so when they use their tractors and trucks - well they are just asking for trouble.
I think tomorrow may be the time to get back on the highways for my walks.
Yesterday we were in the Sault bringing back Joanne and Mitch's new toy - an Artic Cat 550 4x4 quad - nice toy. But they know the mileage so I can't really take it out and play with it. Can I? Better not. Ours are still in the other garage but I think it will be about time to get those babies out...
See Ya By

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Barbara-Anne and Bonnie hard at work in the kitchen while Mary-Lou looks on
Dinner is served

Bonnie is the first one on the left and Barbara-Anne is also on the left next to Rejean. CHEERS!!

Mary and the beautifully set table

The dinner party was an absolute success!!! We arrived a couple of minutes earlier than requested, at 6:20. Ron and Mary were outside waiting for us. And Hughie and MaryLou arrived shortly after. The table was beautifully set and orderves were waiting for us. Wine and beer were offered to us. We met Barbara-Anne and Bonnie - Ute's friends - actually Bonnie has been coming up to LimberLost Lodge for years and she just recently invited Barbara-Anne along and she has been bitten by the LimberLost bug as Ute calls it. She loves it up here and is talking about moving up in the future and maybe opening up a restaurant - and we really need a good restaurant up here. The menu for the dinner was Coq Au Vin and salad and desert consisting of vanilla ice cream with tiny pineapple slices grilled on the BBQ in a sauce. The Coq Au Vin was served with rice and greenbeens and carrots. I have never had CoqAVin before and I loved it. I helped with the plates. Each plate had to be just so. 2 spoonfuls of rice, veggies and the Coq Au Vin with sauce. Bonnie was the garnish lady responsible for the parsley. The salad was delicious with a variety of greens. After everyone had finished their main course the desert was served - I had 3 of the little pineapple slices but no ice cream - they were yummy.
They will be back this summer and fall and we have already made plans to all get together again for more fun. Can't wait.
See Ya Bye

Saturday, March 6, 2010


After the dump we went to John and Linda's to help them install their new tv that Linda and I had picked up in the Sault on Friday. We put all the cords down thru the wall so no wires will be sticking or hanging out. The first picture shows Rejean and Linda doing something behind the TV - and I don't want to know. Rejean will be making a little shelf to hold the cable box and something else. He did the same to our tv and it does keep it neat and tidy - no cables or electrical devices looking out of place. The tv looks great. It took all morning but what do you expect with 4 people trying to give advice and direction. Linda was so afraid the tv would fall off the arm on the wall or the wall would fall down but we finally convinced her it would never happen. John was playing around with the remote trying to find a hockey game.
Tonite we go to Ute's for a dinner party put together by two of her guests. Should be a good time. Ron and Mary, MaryLou and Hughie, Rejean and myself, Ute and her two friends. A good time will be had by all. I'll take my camera and let you in on the fun.
See Ya Bye
I think Ron wants to go fishing tomorrow - twist my arm...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


...then we relax. It is going to be sunny and 8 on Saturday so we are taking the day off to just relax. Dinner at Ute's that evening. The guys cut today and then tomorrow off. Then we give it one last push on Friday and then whatever we have cut is what we have. Then we start splitting and transporting. The big melt should be on by then. It is going to be beautiful around here - it has been a weird winter - Rejean only blew snow 3 times in December. That is it. last year at this time the piles of snow along side the highway were 3 feet tall - today there is nothing. There are patches of bare ground. The spring run off will be non-existant. Bad for the bush. If this had been the summer there would be a very serious drought going on - fire bans galore. But word has it that next week there will be a couple of days of rain. That will take care of the little snow we have. Last summer was too wet and cold and this winter has been dry and sunny. Go figure.
See Ya Bye

Monday, March 1, 2010


I almost got a day off today - when Rejean went over to work area, there was a box at the top

of the driveway that said John and Randy were on strike and to call their union rep, Roger. Randy had put the box there last nite at 1am when they finally finished celebrating the big hockey win. It was a joke but for a moment I thought I didn't have to work. But no such luck. We worked from 10am til 2pm - 4 hours of good hard work. And we got a lot done as well. As you can see from the picture above, John was trying to catch a little cat nap on the logs. Linda says he forgot how much hard work is involved doing your own firewood. Some people up here buy "bunks" of firewood. Whole logs are delivered to their yards and then you cut them to length and split them yourself. That alone is hard work. But when you have to do it from scratch - well that is the fun of it. It certainly keeps you in shape. The top picture is a tall sliver that was left from a tree splitting when it went down. Randy is working on it to take it down. My job again was to burn the brush but I also throw some of the logs into the piles. I'm getting pretty good and my right arm doesn't hurt anymore. I haven't done my exercises in over 2 weeks!!! I get enough cardio and weight work from the wood work.

I woke up today with the cold that has been going around here. I am trying to ignore it but I feel pretty rotten. We are having a day off tomorrow because everyone wants to go fishing and according to John's calendar, it is a great week to fish and the weather couldn't be better - sunny and temps in the pluses. Saturday it is going up to 6 with sun so I know where I will be. Not in the bush...

See ya Bye