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Monday, December 31, 2012


I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.  We will be at Axe Lake at their annual New Year's Eve party at Bob's party garage.  Davey is down with his tons and tons of ribs, chicken and sausages.  I will be bringing my usual and I am sure there will be lots of other stuff to eat.  I hear everyone is sick so no kisses or hugs for me.  I will just wave at everyone and air kiss them.  But I am sure that I have a bug in me right now just waiting to show it's ugly head.  I rarely get away from the holidays without something.

2012 was a good year for me but then again, every year is a good year for me.  It just seems to get better and better.  Life is what you make of it.  But I do have a few resolutions in my head that I will keep quiet but I will share one with you since I will be doing it with Andrew.  I will only drink on weekends - Joanne does this and has been doing it for sometime and it can't hurt.  So, starting January 1st, 2013 that is one of my resolutions.  (sure ok now in the cold weather but what about the hot summer when a nice cold beer is all that is in your mind...I am doomed).


Thursday, December 27, 2012


What do we need with a trailer you might ask.  We will be parking it at a trailer park up the highway for the part of the spring, all summer and into November.  On a lake.  You live on a lake you might say.    Yes we do but we do need to get a way from it all once in a while.  When we are home we are always working but when we are at the camp grounds, we relax and fish and hunt and just relax and enjoy ourselves.
For the past 3 or 4 months I have searched Kajiji for Windsor, Sudbury, London and the Sault.  I know every trailer on those sites.  I found this one at Tilbury RV Sales and when we were in the neighbourhood we checked it out.  It is perfect.  Great condition for a 2000.  24 foot Jayco Quest.  We'll pick it up in April and bring it back home.  There are a few changes I want to make before we park it up the highway.  Can't wait!!!


Another Christmas over and done with.  We headed to Windsor on the 18th to get in our eye doctor and dental appointments.  We both got new glasses and I also got a new pair of sunglasses - polarized of course.  My old ones were from about 3 prescriptions ago and I could no longer wear them and I needed another pair for fishing - so I could see to tie the line. They should arrive in the mail shortly.  And I had to have a filling replaced at the dentist.  After the cleaning they froze my mouth at about 2:30 and I swear the freezing didn't wear off until 9:30 that evening.  I had to drink a beer thru a straw!!!
We visited Jenn and Steve's new home - very modern but it suits them to a T.  I took some nice pictures of the lights in Amherstburg.  Very Christmasy.
Part of Christmas Eve was spent with Rick's kids and grandchildren.  The kids all got techy gifts - even little Jake who is about 4.  I got them a Twister game.  You should have seen their faces when they unwrapped it - duh where do you put the batteries?  Oh well, the grownups enjoyed it.  And I have no doubts that when all their batteries are dead they will enjoy a game of Twister with their parents.
I also volunteered at a French grade school to serve pancakes and sausages on December 21st.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  300 little kids all excited for Christmas.  It made me sad to remember the little ones who lost their lives in Newtown a week earlier.  Angels now.
Christmas day was spent with family, as it should be.  On boxing day we headed out before the storm to visit Susan in Listowel and then made the final trek home today.  Thank goodness for Ron who plowed our laneway - we had a big dumping of snow here this week.  Figures while we were away.
Tomorrow we will have some company from Windsor until after New Year's.  It will fulfill someone's bucket list - and the lake is frozen over for fun on the snowmobile.  Can't wait!!

See Ya Bye

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Wishing my family, friends and loyal readers a very Merry Christmas.  Hope Santa was good to you...

See Ya bye

Monday, December 17, 2012


We have been so busy that we haven't made the time to visit our neighbours and friends this holiday time.  It was suggested that we have a get together for some Christmas cocktails.  We invited a few friends over on Sunday nite (you can do that when you and all your friends are retired or in the off season like Ute).  7 o'clock was the anticipated start time but John and Linda and Ron and Marty showed up shortly after 6:30  Thank goodness I like to be ready and relaxing a good 1/2 hour before company starts to arrive.  I was ready.  Even my punch was made - I just had to add ice.  Around here everyone brings their own beverages to functions so I had to drink the majority of the punch.  No Problem.  We made partridge appetizers dipped in maple syrup, cheese and grapes, chips - Mary brought over meatballs in her home made bbq sauce (yummy) and Bob brought over escargots in garlic butter and Ute made a spinach cheese wrapped in puffed pastry.  There was also a goodie plate that went fast as well.  It was a lot of fun.  Next party is New Year's Eve at the usual spot.  Everyone had a good time and they were all gone by a decent hour.  My kind of party.
Linda always has beautiful nails and last nite was no exceptions.  She did them in a deep cherry red with single line of gold sparkle paint at the cuticle line.  I have never seen this done before and it was stunningly beautiful.  She said they reminded her of Christmas tree ornaments and they did!!  Well done Linda!!

See Ya Bye

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I guess the elements are just perfect for Hoare Frost because it was everywhere this afternoon.  Very pretty but very cold.  You can feel it in the air and see it in the trees, especially on the pines.  It is like the needles are white - which they basically are being coated with the frost.  I managed to get some pictures walking back from the garage where I have been working my ass (sorry Mr. & Mrs. Barr) off.  We now have all the pieces cut.  We then assemble and finish them all.  A slow process but I find it fun.  The ice isn't thick enough for fishing yet so what else do we have to do?
The second picture is of a track I found on the mine side.  We have seen these large tracks before but I haven't been able to find a clear track to identify it.  If it is a wolf, he is a solitary one.  The smaller track is probably Boots'.  Maybe I can talk Rejean into putting up the trail cam to get a good look at the creature.  The black item is my camera case so that you can get an idea of the size.  Any ideas out there?
See Ya Bye

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I found this blog a while ago and view it every now and then but lately I find myself visiting the site regularly.  It is called Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen.  He roams the streets of New York taking pictures of stylish older men and women - usually women.  I am in awe of these ladies and how gorgeous they are in their funky and classic outfits.  And their words of wisdom...something we can all take to heart sometimes.
So if you have a few minutes please take a look - I think even you guys would get a kick out of some of these beautiful senior citizens.
AND he has published a coffee table type book with some of his work.  So I am not the only one who enjoys his work.


I finally finished the last piece of wood for the ceiling - actually this is only 1/3 of the pieces we need.  Rejean and Ron went to the lumber yard this morning to get more!!.  We need 340 of these pieces.
I finished the first coat of varathane on these at 11am this morning.  I will start the second coat tomorrow and then sand them.  I don't know when the third and final coat will be done.  In the meantime we have to make over 200 more pieces.  Ron has volunteered to lend us a hand - should be a real production line going on in the garage.
This afternoon we headed off to Blind River to give blood.  They have stopped holding clinics in Thessalon because they just couldn't get enough units to make it worth their while. I got Curtis this time and he was very good.  Sometimes they have trouble finding a vein and then getting the blood to flow but he was excellent and he made it easy for me. He talked to me the whole time and found a vein right off the bat.  They were very grateful and gave us cookies and juice after.   Blind river is only about 45 minutes from us and there is a fresh cut french fry place right on the highway - guess what we had for dinner.  I couldn't finish mine - but they were good.  We saw a wolf on the ice on one of the lakes on the way there.  By the time I backed up and got the window rolled down, he was running off.  But nice to see.
I can't do my exercises tonite because you have to take it easy after giving blood so I am playing on the computer.
Tomorrow we head  into Thessalon for the Sinton fish fry and a visit with Sally.  Busy Busy Busy.
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I had to go into town this afternoon - I had a ton of things to do including a doctor's appointment, a bank deposit, get a couple of keys made, get some pictures done at the drug store, return some boots at the Sears outlet and grocery shop.  Plus spend about 1/2 hour browsing at Forestland where I picked up a last minute gift.  But  as I was getting ready to go I noticed some frost forming on some trees around the house.  I knew it was a hoar frost so I took my camera with me - my first picture is taken at the foot of my lane way.  You can see it forming on the trees in the background.  Notice how sunny it is.  Now the next picture is probably about 5 minutes south on our highway just approaching Cummings Lake.  The frost was more noticeable in these pictures.  Cummings hasn't started to freeze but Tunnel has I was surprised to see.  As far as I could see it was frozen over and snow-covered.
And just another " hard to believe" fact about life up here,  when I was called into the doctor's office, she was sitting there waiting for me !!  I told her I had never seen that before and she laughed.  Try doing that in Windsor.

See Ya bye

Monday, December 10, 2012


First off, we have snow up here.   Rejean blew snow this morning for the first time.  We needed it.
We are well underway in the garage working on the wood we need for the ceiling.  We need 340 of those suckers and then 340 of the larger pieces.  But we have a production line going.  Rejean has already planed the wood down to 5/8 of an inch thick then we cut it to length.  Rejean then planes down an edge so that it would be square then I routered it.  I pass it thru twice and sometimes a third time.  Rejean then sands it down - I really think he is checking my work - he has had to return a piece or two for another pass.  Quality Control I guess.  He cuts off the routered side and planes the left over piece for me to repeat the process.  I am actually working machinery and doing a good job if I do say so myself.  It will be well worth it when the finished product is installed.
See Ya Bye

Friday, December 7, 2012


We finished this this afternoon - our crown moulding over top of the bar.  It took a while to plane the wood to the proper thickness and then to set up the cutters for the profile we wanted.  Rejean stained the wood then my job was to varathane the pieces.  Turned out beautifully.  Next we work on the ceiling.  We have decided on a design and now we have to cut, finish, then construct and install 90 boxes to finish the coffered ceiling.  Should look great.

Let the fun begin...


I took this picture during hunting season and just got around to downloading it to the computer.  I just think it is a weird looking thing.  What do you think?

Monday, December 3, 2012


We were on our way over to John and Linda's on Sunday and I spotted this beauty right along side of the highway perched on a hydro pole.  I didn't have my camera with me so I turned around and headed back home to get it - what have I said before - Never Leave Home Without It.  Luckily for me he was still there by the time we got back and Rejean took this and a few more beautiful pictures of him.  He is a Barred Owl and he was beautiful.  You don't often see them in broad day light out in the open like this.  He was just looking for lunch - he was not bothered by us at all.  He kept his eyes on us the whole  time.  And he swivelled his head around completely when we first spotted him.  Amazing!!

You will notice I have the ability to post pictures again.  I had to buy extra storage in order to do this.  It was either that or delete some of my older posts but I just couldn't do that.  Every post is an event in one day in my life that I choose to share.  I can't erase those.

See Ya Bye

Thursday, November 29, 2012


...did you?
Linda and I went to the states yesterday and I bought a Power Ball ticket - the pot was then at $500,000,000 - I think that's enough 0s.  Five hundred million dollars!!  That's a lot of money!!!  I think the pot ended up at something like $587,500,000.  But boy did I feel good as soon as that ticket was in my hand.  I had a chance!!  My mind wandered everywhere.  I would probably end up with at least $225,000,000 by the time the US taxes were paid (but could I, as a Canadian citizen, then apply to get back those taxes?  Just asking.)  How would I split it up between the families - and friends for that matter.  I would for sure have to get a good lawyer to guide me in the legalities of that.  Maybe set up some trust funds to pay everyone's daily, monthly and yearly expenses.  Linda also had a ticket so we were finding out what each of us would do for the other - you really know who your friends are when moolagh is involved.
There were 2 winning tickets and mine was not one of them - but I can't wait to find out who did win.
I only had one ticket that cost $2.00 - I don't make it a habit of buying lottery tickets but I do buy the Lotto Max when it gets to be $50,000,000.  I figure it is a 50/50 chance - either you win or you don't.
But it sure was fun dreaming about winning.

Friday nite is the MoonLight Madness in downtown Thessalon.  All the stores will be open till 11pm.  We are going to hit the Legion for their fish fry, leave the guys playing shuffleboard while the ladies shop.  There is also some good hockey games at the arena and an Art show at Beggs Funeral Home - Local artist, Sheila Curry, will have some of her art and some of her student's art on display.  Last year they also had a bon fire in a field off the Main Street and carollers and hot chocolate.  I think some of the Thessalon Fire Department may be on hand to tend to the fire.  Always nice to see the firefighters!!

Should be fun - See Ya Bye

Sunday, November 25, 2012


...grief is the price we all pay for love.

Sadie will be missed.


...sorry but there won't be any for a while - you will have to read my words.  I have to seriously sit down and figure out what is wrong with my computer that I can't post any pictures - it says I am out of space but when I look at the numbers, I am only at 47%.  Maybe I can ask my techy s-i-l Andrew about it.  If anyone knows what is wrong, he does.
It is still snowing, lightly, but still snowing.  And cold.  We were lucky we got to go hunting last Thursday as it was probably the last nice day.  Sunny and a high of about 12 or 13.  Ron, Rejean and myself drove up to Hinkler for a day of bird hunting.  We managed to get 9 between the 3 of us.  It has been a pretty good year for birds around here.  Considering I never even shot my gun last year.
And the hunters got 1 this year.  Rejean got a buck - altho he thought it was a doe because it had no antlers - just small nubs below the skin.  Barry pointed out the "package" when they started cleaning it.
We already have the meat back and the pepperonis are delicious.
Sunday - a quiet day around here.  I am cooking ribs tonite to feed John and Linda - we will probably have the Grey Cup on as Johnny Reid will be kicking it off at the pre-game show - and you know how much I like Johnny Reid!!!!

See Ya Bye

Friday, November 23, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted for a little while but I can't seem to post any pictures - something about exceeding 1GB of space.  I'll let those more tech savy deal with it - in the meantime it is snowing out right now - maybe even accumulation!!  We are prepared - we hooked up the snow blower just in case...

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Now this is only here say but it sounds is deer season up here - actually the last few days of the hunt.  We have been lucky enough to have one already in the freezer, packed and ready to be split between the hunters.  The gang over on the next lake have 3!!  But this story involves 2 local guys who went out hunting the other day.  The one guy travelled to a hydro line, sat down on a rock and held up his iPhone with an app that played a deer calling sound - probably a buck call.  Well, lo and behold, a buck come prancing out, ready for battle, and the other guy got him.

Now, I don't have an iPhone - my phone is vintage and is just a phone and the guys at Costco laugh at it - so I can't just dial up the call.  Ed gave me his caller and when I was sitting in my blind today, I tried it.  I expected a buck to come out immediately but that did not happen.  ;o(

There is always tomorrow and Saturday left in the hunt - wish me luck...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So, we tried a new spot called Gators in John's Pass.  We knew they would have entertainment but had no idea they would be the Hunks of Funk.  And no idea they would look that good without shirts!!!!!  I got some good pictures, as did the majority of the ladies in the bar.  And dance we did on the crowded dance floor.  I, at first, felt a bit old to be at bar like that with all the young people around, but I soon got over that feeling as soon as we hit the floor.  Who cares?  We were all there for one reason - to have a good time and we did - thanks to the Hunks of Funk!!


Ready for more?  The first picture is of the girls at Sea Critters which has the best tomato bisque in the  world - served with a dollop of crab  on top.  And the best margaritas served at Happy Hour I must say.
The next is of another sunset - the sky stayed that color for quite a while - beautiful.
The next is of Deb being a pirate in one of the stores along the way - we were almost asked to leave and were followed around the store by the employees - I don't know why...
Tuesday it rained so we rented a car - Chrysler 200 - and hit the malls.  My suitcase was a little heavier when I packed to go home ;o)
The next picture is of our friends Roger and Sherry - they were there last year and again this year.  They kind of adopted us - worrying if we made it home at nite and if we behaved ourselves.  Every afternoon they would take their bottle of wine and head on down to the chaises and watch the sunsets.
We all enjoyed their company and hope to see them again next year.  Maybe we can talk them into coming out with us one nite...
And the final picture is of "the girls" on their last morning trying to drink as much of the booze as they can before they leave - after all, it was 4 o'clock somewhere...

How many more sleeps until next year?

Monday, November 12, 2012


St Pete Beach - Part 1
Poor Joanne had to wait on a plane in Calgary for over 6 hours - they were fogged in - they only fed them water and crackers and would not let them off the plane.  I think there is a law against that!!  She finally arrived at the hotel at 11:15 pm instead of 4:30 pm but boy did we make up for that lost time.
The first picture is of one of the many beautiful sunsets we experienced at the beach - I like the helicopter flying thru my picture.
The next one is of (from the left) Joanne, Deb and Susan walking to breakfast along the beach the first morning (I think)  It was a beautiful morning.
The next one is of Susan and her treasure - she likes to look for shells and we buy one and plant it for her to find.  She falls for it every year - this year we planted a star fish for her to find and even some people walking by were impressed at her find.  And Deb likes to look for shells too so we got her on one of our walks.  I also got 2 identical prickly shells for them to find.  That's my shadow taking the picture.
The next picture is of Susan being serenaded by a member of a Motown Band at Sea Hags on Tuesday nite.  They were great and we were dancing all nite long - I was fuelled by the Sea Hag Brew which was delicious.  I think I ordered too many ;oP  I highly recommend this bar if you are ever in the neighbourhood.  We took the free beach taxi there and back so no one had to drive.  We were safe.

part 2 tomorrow...too much fun to pack into one blog

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yes, even I need a vacation sometime and finally the time has come for me to pack my bags and head on down to Florida for my annual Sister's Get-A-Way week in St Pete Beach Florida.
Pictures when I return
Now where did I leave the sunscreen....

See Ya Bye

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We got to experience a bit of Hurricane Sandy up here albeit a lot less severe than in southern Ontario I am sure.  But the wind is still howling like mad right now and it was going on all last nite and all day long - our power was out from about 6am till 2pm - thank goodness for wood stoves and Coleman coffee makers for over the gas stove.  We enjoyed our coffee in front of the wood stove this morning.  There was lots of debris around and the plows were out sanding the roads as it was a bit frosty this morning.
We headed over to Joanne and Mitch's to check that their place was ok and it was - and no mice to be found anywhere.
Our satellite tv is on the blink right now - I was hoping to watch the news tonite to see how things turned out on the east coast - from the Internet pictures, it is like hell.  I just can't imagine how they will ever restore things back to normal but I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.  People are tough and resilient - I have no doubts that everything will be ok eventually.
My travel plans have not changed - I am out of here on Thursday heading to Windsor for the start of my vacation.  Friday we head over to Detroit for some afternoon pre shopping, get our hotel room and then fly out on Saturday morning for St Pete Beach.  And the weather looks great!!
The hunters are arriving Friday to get set up for opening day - Monday.  We even went out today to check that the blinds have not blown away - they are safe and in place.

See Ya Bye

Thursday, October 25, 2012

14 BIRDS!!

We have been away for a few days - up at Hinkler bird hunting.  We got 14 birds between the 4 of us.  The first picture is all that remained in the tree after I shot a partridge out of it - there were feathers everywhere but I got him.
The next picture is along one of the many, many trails thru the bush - some good for birds and some just good for the scenery.  We lucked out with the weather - no rain and mild.
We had to share the area with moose hunters and we did come across the remains of some moose who didn't make it - this lower jaw bone of a pretty big one was left hanging in a tree and the skin and hip bones were left scattered around.  Most camps were left as they found it - clean and no litter.  But others - not so much.
The next picture is of 4 of the 6 birds we got on Wednesday - I even cleaned one myself - I won't bother you with the details of how it is done to spare those of you that are a bit squeamish - but it does involve standing on the wings and pulling on the legs.....
The final picture is of 2 inukshuks we came across in the middle of nowhere - the loggers clear roads into the bush and some of them must have come across a way to use some of the big boulders they find.    I, for one, think it is beautiful.

I leave you with a question....people up here pronounce partridge as part-ridge but I have always said par-tridge.  How do you say it?

See Ya Bye

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love you Sadie xoxoxo


The first Monday in November is opening day for deer season and preparations are just getting into high gear around here.  I helped Rejean put up the first blind across the lake in a great spot.  I think I will be sitting here the second week unless we push that week.  We have spotted a few deer close
 by and there are a lot of tracks on the other property.  I have a good feeling about this season...maybe it will be Barry's year...

Me, I will be soaking up the sun again in St Pete Beach with my sisters.  Life's a bitch (sorry Mr & Mrs Barr)  ;o)

Monday, October 15, 2012


Another function on Axe on Saturday nite - a fish fry - in the rain - but John was well prepared with a tarp and awning on his trailer to cook under.  Guess what I made - yes - you know me well - my famous devilled eggs and poor John didn't even get one.  Next time John.  Darlene brought pickled eggs and they were very well received.  I personally don't like them but I do make them for the guys.  There was enough fish for everyone and then some - we sent a platter over to Arnold and his hunter friends who had just pulled in from a hunt - they were very happy.  And Linda made her rice Krispie Squares that I absolutely love - I had 3...
I got home at 11pm - late for me :oP


I was on my way to town this morning and spotted her so I turned around, got Rejean, and had him take the picture - I wanted him to see her as well.  She was spooked and took off and so did another one!!  There were 2!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


...P is for partridge!!!  I was scheduled to help at the Hall today to make meat pies so I had an idea to make a Partridge Pie...and I did.  I took 6 breasts out of the freezer - 4 partridge and 2 spruce hens and took them to the Hall.  Cheryle told me how to cook them - I cut them into 3 parts and simmered them in a cast iron frying pan with salt and pepper.  Once the water had almost evaporated, I added some butter and browned the meat.  I then picked the meat off, added some carrots, celery and onions and some chicken gravy and put them in Phyllis' dough.  Ron was over for dinner and he and Rejean said it was delicious - tasted like chicken ;o).

...and yes, Ed, there is one in the freezer for you and Barry...


Woke up today to S N O W ! ! !  Actual accumulation!!  Even the snow plows were out today on 129. Just a small taste of what is to come I am sure - but really, October 11th????

Florida, here I come...