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Monday, June 30, 2008


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Stacey and Andrew and my grandchild Sadie arrived on Wednesday evening and we had a good time - Sadie went in swimming and she loved it - you throw a stick and she jumps right in and calmly swims out to retrieve it - she doesn't have a frantic swim as some dogs do but she is calm in the water - last year a dragon fly sat right on her nose as she was swimming - she looked concerned but continued to swim ashore with her stick. I took her for a walk down the trail and she went on ahead but stopped and made sure I was right behind her - twice I hid on her and watched her come back to find me - I'm bad but the look on her face "where'd she go?" is priceless. Rick and Joan came on Friday nite and Jenn and Steve came Saturday afternoon. We had fireworks on Saturday nite in celebration of vacations. They were pretty good - Rejean and Andrew set them off - I guess because they had the least alcohol - maybe.
Stacey and Andrew left on Sunday and my sister Susan and her husband Jack and their two friends - robbie and LeeAnn are pulling in today. Yes there is a crowd up here but we have fun + it is construction as well. Life is an adventure.
It is a beautiful day today so I am going to get out there and do something - myabe a kayak ride around the lake.
I'll leave you with a picture of our group this weekend.
See Ya Bye

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

The boys puilled in at 7:30 again and started to work - Rejean had to go to Rozenburgs to get more plywood for under the steel roof of the addition - the boys didn't think we wanted that but we do so we had to get more supplies. I was just going for my run/walk when Rejean pulled me in to help him cut the strips needed from the plywood to shim under the roof trusses. I like this job - you have to guide a heavy piece of plywood or chiprock thru the table saw I think - we needed 36 pieces of 1 1/2 inch strips - mission accomplished. Went for my run/walk and shaved almost 10 minutes off my time - I have to get it down to about 30 minutes for 3 miles. No problem.
When I got back we need more so off to the garage I go - all sweaty so the mosquitos are just swarming around me. Ugh. But I think my skin is getting tough because I really didn't feel any bites. Time will tell. Also dump day and my visit with Erla. Lots of garbage from the construction.
But they really did a lot of work today and looking at it this evening the place looks HUGE. But it is functunal with no wasted or unused space. The new bathroom will be used and the workout room is used a great deal in the cooler weather so it is worth it.
I also picked garbage today along the highway and I must say that it is the prettiest time of year for the flowers along the side of the road - all the daisys, and indian paintbrushes and all the lush greenery. Steve is coming up and I am sure he'll take tons of pictures - excellant photo opportunities.
I will try and post the pictures but, again, I am having trouble with Picassa...
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Almost In The Ditch

Another day of construction - the delivery day of the trusses. We had a huge semi delivering the trusses and he actually tried to back that sucker onto our laneway. Can you believe it??? He manuveured his truck just past the gate but then he realized that it would be suicide to continue - duh. He finally pulled out after almost going into the ditch - he had two tires over the edge!!!! We would have had to call the recovery trucks from the Sault to get him out plus the blocking of 129 for who knows how long. But he finally got his rig on the road and drove down to the other property where he had the room to turn around - he unhitched his load and used the boom to load our trusses onto the back and drove up here with just the truck portion and our trusses. he then used his boom to gently - and I mean gently - place the roof trusses on the roof of the addition - Rejean offered him $50 bucks for that but he only took $20 - I think he was a bit embarrassed that he couldn't make it down the road.
Things are moving right along - after all my work was done it was union break time so I grabbed a Coruna and sat on the picnic table to watch the guys - these guys are good - you can tell they have worked together for a time and they know exactly what the other one wants them to do. Very professional. Rejean and I could never have pulled this one off ourselves.
They took out the bathroom window and cut the space for the new one - I must admit it will let in a lot more light - I should know by now that Rejean knows best - I just let him do whatever he wants to do and it usually turns out great. But I do have SOME input.
I ran into John and Bob at the Trading Post this morning - I had to go get cookies for the guys lunch - I usually have something for them. I said I didn't bake them so they were ok to eat - they devoured them. John and Linda were going for a pontoon boat ride (Patio Put Put as I call them) on Basswood Lake today - they got a nice day for it:)
Jennine from Rozenburgs called and our windows should be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday - Yea.
Enjoy the pics
See Ya Bye

Monday, June 23, 2008

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F O R E ! ! !

I knew that would get your attention.
Chris and Egon arrived on Saturday for a short visit and they brought the nice weather with them - Saturday we sat out and christented the new dock and cement deck - the sun was shining and Jacques got fed a lot.
Sunday Chris and I went out in the Kayaks - her first time - it was a beautiful morning for it and the loon stayed out of our way. We then decided to go golfing at the local links - Livingston Creek. Just a small 9 hole course but a nice northern course with lots of bush and rocks and water hazards. Just to let you know Chris just got her clubs this year and has never played before so off we went. We decided to get carts and share the clubs as they didn't bring their own. We hid the beer in our bags.
We had a good time - I shot a 68!!! OK so that was for 9 holes and it took us 3 hours to finish!!
I've decided to blame my trigger finger and tremor on my score and it being my first time out I've got nowhere to go but up. (or down as the case may be in golf) I came in second as we were going for the highest score. I don't think my new golf beads have enough beads on them - they stop at 10!!! I just said "snowman"when they asked how many strokes. It should have been "igloo" or "glacier" if you know what I mean. For those of you with good handicaps - let's say 2 - don't laugh too hard. One day....
We just got back and sat out for cocktails before the rain came - Egon managed to cook the hamburgers in time.
They left this morning and the boys are back to continue on the addition. I have to locate some more chain link fencing for the slopes as the sprayer may be in today - they are spraying the "wildlife foliage" at Hooverville today and we are getting what's left over sprayed on our slopes - it is a mixture of clover and wheat that is sprayed on the dirt and it is a fast grower - they used it on the sides of the road when they were redoing the highway - we really need it to hold back the erosion on the slopes. We ran out of the fencing on Friday - just one bundle short.
I'm having trouble with the Picassa so the pics may be a little late in being posted but be patient they will be posted.
More tourists coming up this weekend - Rick, Joan, Steve and Jenn on Saturday then my sister Susan and her husband Jack and their friends Robbie and his wife LeeAnn on Monday. I still don't know if or when Stacey and Andrew will be up - tourist season is in full swing....
See Ya Bye

Saturday, June 21, 2008

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Life In The Fast Lane

As If!!! Things move slow up here but dock guy finally came back on Friday to finish what he started - he was in full wet suit with a little pump so that he could breath under water to McGiver the leg that was giving him problems - and voila - it worked - after 10 years we finally have a dock - already Jacques - my pet bass - has staked out his claim for residency - I guess that means no fishing off the dock (we'll discuss it later) and I think he has doubled in size from last year - must be all the good worms I feed him. It is everything I thought it would be - and the chairs fit perfectly. You get a totally different view of the lake and the breeze it nice too.
The cement was poured for the deck and it was touch and go but finally it was completed - Basho is not a professional cementist but he is Italian so I think he did a pretty good job. I am happy.
Well tourist season officially starts today - Chris and Egon are on their way up as I type so we expect them at about 1-2pm - let the drinking begin. They will only be staying until Monday morning - just a quick visit. I dashed into town today to get supplies and also hit the liquor store - I think I have enough air miles points to get somewhere - everything is done and ready so I will be cracking a Coors Light and joining Rejean on the dock for cocktails.
I have my chairs and tables and some plants all set up - what do you think? Just picture the fake roof over top of the deck and there you have it - paradise.
Well that's it - I am thirsty after my trip to town - I saw a deer and a turtle - great wild life sightings today.
See Ya Bye

Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Money For Nothing And My Fish For Free

Yesterday was my first weather report - Ute was heading into the Sault and asked me to do the 1pm weather report - sure thing. I hopped on my quad and rode over to take the readings. Came back and e-mailed them to the MNR - about 10 minutes worth of work for $10 - not too shabby. I hope she asks me more often - let's see - what can I do with $10 - lots of stuff up here. Good way to supplement the pension.
Dock guy showed up with his helper in the morning right after the cement truck left - they secured the dock to the shore and then had major problems with getting it level and getting the leg bases to sit right on the bottom of the lake. It was not exactly warm yesterday but dock guy was in the lake with his bathing suit on trying to see what the problem was - there were other guys in e boat trying to lift the dock to adjust it - quite entertaining for Luke and myself who were sitting there watching it - I almost made popcorn. They left at 5 and will be back with a solution on Friday - oh well - I wasn't in a hurry for it.
The slab was poured for the addition yesterday and all went well. There was some left over cement that we used on Rejean's wood shed area - that will keep it in place. Basho was pleased with the pour and he got it nice and smooth.
Today it is raining so I don't think the deck will be poured and Basho is busy tomorrow so maybe next week. When you have to depend on the weather anything can happen.
We had a bit of a scare this morning - the tamper was missing. Rejean searched out Ron (who we borrowed it from) and it appears he came and got it last night while we were out and took it home to use. I thought it had been stolen. I was ready to call the OPP. But everything turned out ok. BUT things will be locked up from now on - we think we are safe from crime up here but one should never let down their guard - you never know...
Last nite we visited Cal and Sal - friends we met through Bill and Barb - Cal is the one waiting for the triple by-pass. They have a beautiful camp on Jobam. We were fed hamburgers with pineapple, ham and cheese on them, delicious macaroni salad and beans - and desert. I was stuffed. And she kept giving me beer even though I was refusing - she would bring me a can of my fav - Coors Light - and open it before I could stop her and, not wanting to waste it, and everyone else was drinking something different - well I had to drink it - didn't I? They taught us a new card game (everyone up here plays cards - for money!!!) called Golf - which means there was 9 hands of this game to play. Not wanting to be rude we played. We had to use her coins because we didn't have any money with us. The first hand was a practice one and I was totally lost - so many rules - and each card resulted in a new rule - UGH. But once we got going it was a blast. I won't give you the details because it would take forever. Needless to say we both lost but I really enjoyed it.
Well that's it for now - it is raining and don't hear any hammering going on right now. Enjoy the pics.
See Ya Bye

The cement truck is here now and pouring the deck - they tried to cancel the pour this morning when it started to rain but it had already been mixed - so wish us luck - it isnot raining that hard so maybe it will be ok.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dock guy called and he won't be here until tomorrow - he said he didn't get the legs made because everyone was into see him and he got busy - he just likes to talk. And the cement will also be tomorrow so it will be busy here - the guys have to finish the front of the house for the cement to be poured again on Thursday and I have to do the weather tomorrow for Ute at 1pm - when it rains it pours.
And just to let you know I have a turtle neck on and a sweatshirt and I wore my fleece vest - it is that cold up here - howzit down Windsor way????
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New News

After my post from yesterday lo and behold, the dock guy pulls up with his trailer with part of our new dock on it. He still had to do the legs and the base for the tower and the tower (it is a cantelever (?) dock that can be raised up for the winter. He also had the cedar decking (which by the way I will be sanding down to make it smoother - it's a bit rough and I don't want any slivers in my feet). He is supposed to be back today to assemble it but I won't hold my breath - as I've said before - they get around to it when they get around to it. Life is slow up here.
Luke showed up today and he busy working as tho he never missed a day - they are digging in front of the house for the footings for the cement and it is slow going. The rock is from the mine side and is full of cobble stones and it is slow going for them. Rejean is using the tractor to help out but it is still slow. If the weather holds out they will be pouring Wednesday and Thursday.
I was over cutting Bill and Barb's lawn (Bill passed away in February) I don't think Barb could have done that - she is elderly and a chain smoker so I don't know how she will manage without Bill. We do what we can - Rejean put the water pump in with Cal (who is waiting for a call from the hospital for a triple bypass!!!) so unless Barb comes up with someone else, this may be her last year up here - she will be having a little memorial service for Bill and spreading his ashes over his beloved Chubb Lake - I would like a bit o' Bill for my garden - he liked it over here. We have a decoy marking the water pump in the lake (better than an old basketball) and last summer Bill thought that it was a live duck and it just sat there for two hours - we all had a good laugh - including Bill. He will be missed.
Well that is it - I will get a photo of the digging in front of the house so you can have an idea of the work going on.
My blood donation went well yesterday - I almost peed my pants by the time I pulled up at the donation site - I had drank four bottles of water without relief and WOW not comfortable at all.
It took 9 minutes - she had to poke around at first because when she put the needle in nothing happened but eventually out it came. I am O negative and that is the universal type that can be used for newborns and without matching a type so they are always glad to see me. Everyone should donate - as they say - "It's In You To Give" and you never know when you may need blood.
See Ya Bye

Monday, June 16, 2008

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Work Work Work

So this is retirement? As is so often the case, we are busier now than when we were working. The fun never ends. On Saturday Rejean was working on the plumbing in the addition before the cement is poured this week. I was busy tamping down the fill in front of the house - I don't know why more women are not in construction with all the nice heavy equipment that we could play with. For example I can see how the machine I was working could possibly be a girl's best friend - if you know what I mean. But what an experience - that sucker is heavy and when I first got it started I just about went over the edge with it - or it pulled me. But once I got the hang of it, it basically moved itself with just a light touch to direct it. I did have to stay away from the edge until I knew what I was doing. That fill is so tamped down it ain't going nowhere.
Sunday I tamped down the area in front of the garage where the big dump trucks were turning around - they left some big ruts. Also the fill where the other wood shed will go needed to be tamped as well. Everything was finished up on Sunday with some time left for the deck - the weather cleared up nicely.
Today only Basho showed up - Luke is not feeling good so Rejean is the helper today - I asked him where his tool belt was. I had to make a run into Blind River to pick up some chain link fencing that will hold our steep slope in place so the addition will not slide onto the septic bed. I also stopped at a greenhouse and picked up some fast growing moss to plant on the slope. With the torential rains we get up here we could loose it all.
I am now drinking my first of many bottles of water - I give blood today in Thessalon and after all these years I know the trick to giving blood - drink plenty of fluids so the blood comes out of you fast - sometimes it takes the maximum time of 20 minutes - I have even had them stop because it is taking so long - they can still use the blood but not for tansfusions. I find the more you drink the faster is flows.I have it down now to about 8 minutes. I like the free cookies at the end. I'll do anything for free food.
I also finally got my new glasses today - I am wearing them as I type. They were mailed from Windsor - my other glasses broke and I had to fix them with thread so it is always good to have a spare pair.
I also saw my first bear of the season - actually not too far away - between here and Axe Lake and it was a good size one. I slowed down and he took off running into the bush - as a good bear should - we won't have any problems with him. There has also been some sightings of mother bears and their cubs and does with fawns but I haven't been that lucky yet to see them.
That's it for now - the dock guy hasn't called yet but he said early this week. Also Steve asked about the dock christening party - hey - it is going to be everyday. I also promised that as soon as it is installed I will run down the dock and jump in the lake - did I say that? A great photo opportunity ...
See Ya Bye

Friday, June 13, 2008

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Trucks & Bunchberries

Well the weather co-operated and everyone was back again today for day two of construction. I have to say that we got a call from our dock guy and it will be ready at the beginning of next week so Yea - I'll have my dock in place in time for the peak tourist season. Terry got the side all levelled out and the boys are now starting to frame out the floor to the addition. There will be a walk- in shower there so when the cement is poured next week they have to smooth it in a slope to meet the drain - there was some discussion as to how it would be done but they seem to think no problem. Terry also dug up the eight feet in front of the house where the cement will be poured for the - I guess you would call it a deck - that will be on two sides of the house - there will also be the "fake"roof over this area. That's where my colourful adirondac chairs will go along with the tables so you can sit and relax and look at the lake. I have it all imagined out. I have to thank Terry for doing that because I thought I would have to do it by hand - hard labour. I was ready but thank goodness I didn't have to do it. I did go down on the septic bed and retrieve all the big rocks and stones that escaped onto the lawn from the fill - at least I have the rocks for the rock garden I plan on having to utilize all those f--king rocks. That's one thing we have lots of up here - rocks - when my sister Joanne and Mitch drove out here from Calgary years ago Joanne took back a lot of rocks - now that she flies she stores her prize rocks here. Susan takes a lot back to her home. Slate has also found it's way back down south - there is an abandoned slate mine just up the road and you can still find some good pieces. I had to move my garden collection so that it wouldn't be covered with all the fill - as if I couldn't find replacements...
Terry is also filling in front 10 feet because with the eight foot cement deck we loose room to turn the cars around so we had to extend our front driveway - we didn't loose any trees but we did loose four Testical Plants growing there - I feel bad because they are so hard to grow but I have a lot around the property so I'll get over it.
Dinner out tonite - Iron Bridge has a little Chinese food place that is not too bad - Rejean's birthday on Sunday - 59 - I think he qualifies for Scotiabank's senior discount. Happy Birthday Rejean!!!
The picture is taken out my bathroom window - I had to step on the toilet to take it - nice view from there...
Also I have a patch of Bunchberries down by the road - I was almost eaten alive by the mosquitos - they are still hungry.
See Ya Bye

Thursday, June 12, 2008

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And So It Begins....

Day one of construction started with the arrival of trucks, trailers, and big machines and men in plaid jackets because it is a bit cool. I will be updating you regularly on the progress of the addition and the "fake" roof and also, hopefully the arrival of the dock.
Terry is manning the big digger (I don't know the proper terminology so bear with me) He handles it like a big hand - so gently. Bashio was in the hole and Terry was gently pushing the dirt around the "big foot" and at the same time trying to save what is left of my garden. He is a professional and it shows. Bruce, his brother-in-law is also on hand to assist and Rejean is right in there - bringing the machine to tamper down the dirt in his tractor - boys and their toys. Bashio's assistant Luke is also here.
I went to the Trading Post to get "beverages" and while on my way I saw 2 MNR trucks hauling trailers with big bears in them - they are being relocated up north somewhere. They are the lucky ones - some, like our little one last year, had to be shot because he wasn't afraid of humans - a certain death sentence. Never feed the Bears!!
At the meeting last night we learned that the insurance company is going to pay to rebuild the Warencliffe Hall this year - YEA. But not in time for me to work this summer at the meals - the hardest work I have ever done.
The daisys are starting to come out - there are millions of them at the side of the road - nice to look at. They also make up a good portion of my lawn - oh well it is greenery as well as the weeds. Weeds are just flowers or plants growing where you don't want them and if they look like grass they get to live in my lawn.
That's it for now - sorry there has been a lull in blogging but I was on vacation and there was nothing exciting to blog about.
Oh and thanks for the comments from envyofbliss - it's nice to know that other people are reading my stuff as well as my family and friends.
Right now I'll be checking out a blog that is highlighted for today - gardening while intoxicated - something I have never done before....
Oh and Stacey will be doing another 50 mile run in Windsor this time the day after Steve and Jenn's wedding - I think I may join her but in a reasonable 10ker - a practice to our 1/2 marathon in October - the first one I will run in - wish me luck.
See Ya Bye

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coutesy of SteveP

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The Dragons Are Here

It is officially Dragon Fly season - there are tons of them out there and just at the right time to feed on the black flies and mosquitos - eat 'em up. They are just out in droves - everywhere you look or step they are right there - and if you are driving - you have some heavy duty bug juice on your car. They are beautiful to watch and they will land on you no problem - I've been lying in the sun and had one land on my stomach or legs many times - you just have to be aware that it is a dragon fly and not a big spider or bee. I just let them stay and watch them - they have this amazing head with their big eyes on the sides just moving around looking at stuff. They may preen with their front legs and that is interesting. Just another form of entertainment up here.
Yesterday I couldn't sit in my pink chair by the house because there was a toad on it. I found him in the morning on the arm - all squashed down trying to be invisible but I saw him - I just let him be and checked on him alot because the sun was starting to come around so that he would be directly in the sun unprotected. But he seemed to enjoy the warmth and didn't move for a bit - then I looked and he was on the seat of the chair - how he got there without jumping I don't know - and HOW did he get up on the chair anyhow? Did he jump? Did he crawl up which is what I think he did. Then he moved to the back of the arm where it meets the back of the chair and there he stayed until dusk when he was gone. I could have moved him - I can touch toads - but he just seem too comfortable and he was fun to watch.
Got my planters done and some relaxing time in - it was beautiful yesterday all day so I took advantage of it.
Today I move rocks and stones out of the way of the fill for the addition - not like I could find other stones eh. But these are special stones as anyone who has been up here knows - apparently all females have this thing for rocks and stones - they pick up the ones they like and take them home - you should see my collection.....
See Ya Bye

Friday, June 6, 2008

Turtles and Moose

Went into town today to get some stuff and to get my flowers - I like to support the locals so I went to a greenhouse just outside of Little Rapids - nice place and nice flowers but I still need some more - they didn't have some of the flowers I like so I'll get them another time. I have enough to do me right now. But on the way wack from town I spotted a moose in the swampy area - I was pretty far away but you could see the massiveness of him or her. I watched for about five minutes then was on my way - avoiding the turtles on the road - right now they are on the move trying to lay their eggs in sandy gravelly areas like the shoulder of the road. They aren't fast movers so you have to go around them. One was a painted turtle - harmless - but the other one was a snapper - you could tell by the way it was moving and when you get right close you can see - you don't want to stop your car and help that one across - you'd loose a digit. They are evil. The picture I'm blogging today was a visitor we had by our wood pile last year - we can home and there he was - right beside the pile - I don't know where he came from or where he was heading but you don't want something like that in your lake - it would eat the fish and probably people too. We kindly relocated him to a stream further down the road. He snapped at the two by four we presented it with and we had to coax him into the tote for transportation. He was hissing and trying to make himself look big - rearing up on his hind legs to make himself look mean. It worked - I was afraid. Hopefully he is still alive and living in the swamp. And bothering no one else.
See Ya Bye
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How's that? I hear you guys in Windsor are going up to 32!!!! It's only June 6th - you are in for one long hot summer. I have a long sleeve t shirt and a fleece hoodie on and shorts. I'm ready for anything. No sun shine today - same as yesterday. I cleaned and today I'm going into Little Rapids to get my plants. It's supposed to only get up to 23 but I'll be surprised if it does.
No mosquitos bothering us in the house - you have to stay on top of the bugs - kill'em as you see 'em. We use the zapper - that tennis racket electricutioner. You get some big sparks - we have one in every room almost. But some people up here have never heard of them - they use flyswaters that leave dead bodies all over the room and blood spater everywhere. These zappers fry the bodies - very efficient plus they provide tons of entertainment when there are bugs in the room - you sometimes have to dodge the wave of the rackets. And if you have one on you they get brave and say "Hold Still" as they bring the zapper close to your arm or leg or nose. I haven't been zapped yet but I've seen the result - not pretty.
Well stay cool - I'll leave a cool picture for you - think s n o w.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Now I Do The Weather

My neighbour, Ute from Limberlost Lodge, reports the weather readings to the Ministry of Natural Resources twice a day - once at 8am and then again at 1pm - every day!!! She asked me if I want to be a backup incase she can't do it - and I said sure. I went today at 1 to see what to do. It is actually quite easy so I don't think I'll have any problems (you know us retirees - we loose all intelligence on our first day of retirement) It is a small weather station situated between our two properties so it only makes sence that I be the one to back her up. I rode the four wheeler over today but in the future I'll walk over (when the bugs aren't so bad) Just record 5 readings - temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall. Also they pay $10 per reading - yes that's ten canadian dollars per reading. Nice way to supplement my pension - I'll include that money with the money I make picking up beer cans and bottles along the highway and I'll be rich before you know it. But that is a lot of money - $20/day each and every day for about 5 minutes worth of work. I hope she calls me a lot.
Also got my hair cut this morning at Robin's. She took a bit toooooo much off grows and I don't mind short hair - I can easily see the bug bites and they don't get caught up in my tresses. I tell you - don't leave home without that bug net - you look foolish but it keeps them away. I've got one hanging around me right now that I can't seem to kill - I'll get the zapper - that'll fix him.
We also went to the funeral home last nite - Pat Dosman died - her and her husband, Len, ran the Tunnel Lake Trading Post for years until they retired. She was the best ice-cream scooper going - you could always count on an extra big scoop from her. I always think about her when we get an ice cream cone at the Post - she will be missed.
That't it until tomorrow
See Ya Bye

ps - the picture I am going to blog was taken by a friend of Andrew's (I think) who was on her way out west and came across this moose and took a picture - she didn't know that it was taken right at our drive way - she didn't even know us - small world

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Always Be Prepared!

Well look what I got today. We were going to escort the fish truck down to the lake and were meeting him at 11:30 am - we went a little early so I could cast a few into the stream and see what I could get - I took my rod, worms, my vest but forgot my creel, net, scissors and a knife.
I walked down into the stream and made a couple of casts and nothing so I moved a bit down stream where there was a little riffle by a downed tree and thought nothing could be in there because it was a bit shallow but what the hell - gave it a cast. Bang - he was on. I reeled in but nothing was happening - he wasn't moving - usually you can hear if the drag isn't set right but I couldn't. I just kept the line tight and reeled in - keeping him away from the downed tree. He put up a good fight. I had no net so I guided him over to the shallows where I could beach him. Then I picked him up and put him under my arm and walked back upstream where my cooler was and Rejean was watching. He was strong and tried to wiggle out but I kept a death grip on him. No way was I going to lose this fish - he still had the hook in his mouth!! We couldn't clean him because we didn't have a knife or scissors so we put him in the cooler and stole ice cubes from the beer to keep him cool (a small sacrifice to make) I was very happy - he is a beaut. There is nothing like the feeling of having a big fish on in a stream that you wouldn't think could support a fish that size. It was a pleasant surprise. Guess what is for dinner tonite...
See Ya Bye
ps - for those who don't know this is a brook trout - a nice brook trout!!

Late Night???

What Happened? They were 35 seconds away? I finally went to bed after the first overtime and because it was just tooooo stressful. Now I remember why I don't watch hockey during the regular season. I yell and tell the players what to do and find fault with the coach's plays - and Don Cherry - what a card. I think I had a skirt made out of the same material as his jacket back when I was in public school - but I like what he has to say.
Oh well - there is always tomorrow nite....
Last night we went fishing again and I got the biggest one (again) but we only got three (four if you count the one that Rejean lost just at shore). Today we are going to escort a truck into a lake down the highway and help stock it with - wait for it - BROOK TROUT!!!! My favourite fish. I'm taking my ultra light rod and fishing the river while we wait for the truck so I might get something - there is always a chance...
I'll let you know how I do. Tonite is a meeting about the Wharncliffe Hall and what the insurance people say about it. Another busy day in paradise....
See Ya Bye

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Good Friend Bill - Always Remembered

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A Welcome Breeze

Remember a few blogs ago I cursed the breeze because it made it chilly while you were trying to lie out to get a tan - but today it was a god send to keep the bugs away.
I scraped the brown fishing boat and painted it this morning and I had to wear my bug head gear because they were terrible. No breeze this morning down by the water. We then went to arrange the piles of guard rail posts we had received from the workers and the bugs were brutal. I was in full head gear also. We cut it short and will continue tomorrow morning when the bugs aren't as bad.
After the winter they have to replace a lot of guard rails due to the snow plow hitting them and we asked if they could dump them on the other property and they gave us two loads. Good outdoor fire wood and for berming for the new addition. Some aren't that good but the majority is usable. You take what you can get up here.
Got to do some tanning this afternoon and Rejean went over to Bill and Barb's to put in the water pump - Cal, who usually does it, is awaiting a call for a triple bypass operation so he can't really do too much. John and a friend came over this afternoon so I had to entertain them until Rejean came home - just give them a beer and they were ahppy. That's why you have to always have cold beer in the fridge.
Great game last nite - Detroit won and will win tomorrow nite. It was good hockey - the way it should be played.
Fishing last nite was great - I got a big one over by the rocks and it was fun fighting it in the current - got our limit in 2 hours. We have to go again tomorrow nite (darn) because we will be having a fish fry on Tuesday nite for four of our friends - we have to save some for company this summer so we have to get more.
That's about it for now - talk to you later.
See Ya bye